The Best Headphones For Music Lovers in 2018

Okay, audiophiles – gather around and get your next paycheck ready. From groundbreaking sound quality to simply breathtaking designs – these are the best headphones of 2018. If you are in the market for a new pair, look no further than these headphones that are pushing the limits audio innovations!

1. Audeze LCD-4z Headphones

Audeze Headphones are a leading competitor when it comes to high-end headphones. This company has put in years and years of research, time and money to create the best planar-magnetic headphones on Earth. In the past, you would normally need a headphone amp to appreciate the quality of the sound of these high-end headphones, but the LCD 4z model can be plugged right into your smartphone which is making audiophiles from around the world swirl in disbelief. Planar magnetic headphones normally require high amounts of power to produce a quality sound, so it is quite remarkable that these headphones can be powered by your little smartphone without losing sound quality. Not only do they sound great, but the cushiony over-ear design and black and gold aesthetic make for an all-around amazing pair of headphones. The cost is pretty expensive, but you are certainly getting what you pay for – these headphones are versatile, have a striking appearance and are built to last.

2. Beoplay H9i Headphones

B&O is at it again, creating stunning, simple, and luxurious over-ear and on-ear headphones that all music lovers are absolutely drooling over. Reviews rave that these headphones are simply the most gorgeous pair on the market. They come in many different elegant colors and were made with soft lambskin and genuine cowhide leather. And since the leather patinates over time, these headphones will age beautifully as time goes on.  Looks aside, the noise cancelling features, a touch control option, up to 18 hours of battery life and memory foam ear cushions, it seems like B&O checked all the boxes for a high quality headphone. A unique thing about the Beoplay H91 headphones is that they have Transparency Mode, which will amplify your surroundings so you can tune into the world around you while still listening to your high-quality tunes.  But, if you prefer wired headphones – this may not be the best option for you. These headphones connect to your device via Bluetooth, which is a huge plus for the tech enthusiasts out there!

3. Sennheiser HD 800

The Sennheiser HD 800over-ear headphones are quite possibly one of best sounding headphones on the planet. But, this pair probably isn’t for beginners because they do require additional audio equipment to get the full effect. They are comfortable for long listening sessions, have superb build quality and an overall isolated, balanced sound. Of course, these headphones are rather expensive – but every audiophile out there understands it’s well worth the price tag. These headphones perfectly blend together precision with enjoyment. This pair of headphones is known for its pure transparency in sound, meaning what you are listening to will be as close to the original form as possible. An interesting thing about these headphones is that the earpads are made by hand and are not removable. But, with the plush, microfiber material – you won’t want to. Sennheiser simply never disappoints when it comes to making an outstanding pair of headphones.

4. Meters Music Ov-1 Wired

These headphones easily take the win for the coolest, classiest design on the market. Meters Ov-1 are over-ear, noise cancelling headphones that are affordable, comfortable and stylish. Though these headphones are a bit bulkier than the others listed, they are so comfortable that it doesn’t matter too much. The design itself has active visual monitoring! The meter on the right and left ears of the headphone have a backlit line-level signal indicator that bounces back and forth along with the music, so people around you can see how loud your music is! Plus, the visual monitor will help you stay away from damaging listening levels so you can keep your ears safe. This is a super creative feature that Meters brought to life perfectly. As far as battery life, one charge will last you weeks before they need to be plugged in again. If you do happen to run out of battery while listening, you can switch it over to the center mode and keep on listening. The Ov-1 are perfect for bass-heads and great for budget-friendly audiophiles who are into a classy style and a deep sound!

5. Focal Listen Wireless

These lightweight, comfortable headphones are perfect for audiophiles on the go! Between outstanding noise canceling technology and high quality acoustics – these headphones are perfect for noisy subway rides and long conference calls! As always, Focal never disappoints when it comes to supreme sound quality. The new edition of Focal Listen headphones are wireless. They come in three unique, fun colors that will never make you want to put on boring ole’ black headphones ever again. In just a quick three hour charge, you have 2o hours of full of music to your ears. They are super affordable, and definitely the best sounding Bluetooth headphones on the market right now.


Finding the right headphones for you is all about figuring out what kind of sound you want, what kind of look you want, and whether or not you want to mess with cables or have a Bluetooth connection. If you have the money in your budget, treat yourself to a high-end pair! All of these headphones are the perfect fit when it comes to comfort, style, and advanced technology features.

What kind of headphones do you prefer for your high-quality listening experience? Leave us a comment with your recommendations in the section below

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