Are these Xperia Z3 Neo internal render pics ?

A moment ago we posted some pics linking to Xperia Z4 internal renders, found in an email available at WikiLeaks. Well, now few more pics have been spotted in the same email document which now link to Xperia Z3 Neo (possibly Sony E6553).

A few days back it was tipped that Sony E6553 might be Xperia Z3 Neo and not the Xperia Z4 as it was thought. Xperia Z3 Neo seems to be a minor upgrade over Xperia Z3 in terms of design and specs. Design may change at the time of launch, internal visuals are for design purpose only at the very early stage.

Xperia Z3 Neo Internal Renders

Check out the internal renders of Xperia Z3 Neo below. You can see in the below pic that there is no flap along the right side and the same case is with Sony E6553 too. Pic annotation says, “Xperia Z The fourth Generation”.

Xperia Z3 Neo internal renders leaked online

Xperia Z3 Neo Pics leaked via WikiLeaks

Xperia Z3 Neo internal renders pic leaks

Disclaimer: All the above-posted info is obtained via WikiLeaks, we don’t have any role in leaking pics.

We will keep you update once more info comes in regarding these leaked pics.

Source – WikiLeaks (Email revealing pics)

Are we seeing Xperia Z3 Neo or Xperia Z4 ? Confusion arises for Sony E6553

Sony E6553 which was tagged as Xperia Z4 by various number of leaks which were spotted has taken a u-turn now. As per the latest update from @ViziLeaks, leaks linking to Xperia Z4 is not of Xperia Z4 actually but for Sony Xperia Z3 Neo.

Xperia Z3 Neo or Xperia Z4, confusion arises for the model number Sony E6553, as the title says. Earlier Xperia Z4 leaks came from @OnLeaks which has a very strong reputation of outing authentic info and now @ViziLeaks says we might be looking at Sony Xperia Z3 Neo rather than Xperia Z4.

Xperia Z3 Neo or Xperia Z4?

Check out the tweet made by @ViziLeaks:

If it is true then we might be looking at an upgraded version of flagship Xperia Z3 now. Sony has already launched dual SIM variant of Xperia Z3 in many markets.

As the design of Sony E6553 looks very similar to Xperia Z3 except some minor changes like capless micro USB port, one single flap on left side, it may or may not refer to Xperia Z3 Neo.

Below are the photos which have been leaked so far of Sony E6553 (Xperia Z3 Neo or Xperia Z4?)

We will keep you updated once more info comes in regarding the clarification of the original name for model number Sony E6553.

What do you think guys, let us know. Do you want Xperia Z3 Neo or Xperia Z4? Drop your comments below.