Install Xperia Z3 Keyboard 6.4.A.1.44 on android 4.1+ devices

We have seen so many Xperia Z3 system apps ports so far and the latest one is Xperia Z3 Keyboard 6.4.A.1.44 port for android 4.1+ Xperia devices. Sony’s latest Keyboard version reads 6.4.A.1.24 which was last updated on Play Store in mid June this year when Sony put their keyboard app on Play Store.

Xperia Z3 Keyboard 6.4.A.1.44 keyboard can only be installed on rooted Xperia handset running atleast android 4.1 with custom recovery installed. Xperia Z3 Keyboard 6.4.A.1.44 brings performance enhancement with no major changes as compared to previous version.

Xperia Z3 Keyboard 6.4.A.1.44

Download the below posted flashable zip file.

Download Xperia Z3 Keyboard V6.4.A.1.44 For

Xperia Z3 Keyboard 6.4.A.1.44 apk

Xperia Z3 Camera apps have also been ported for Xperia devices, do take a look here.

Let us know if Xperia Z3 Keyboard 6.4.A.1.44 app works on your Xperia device. Drop your comments below.

via – XDA