Install custom Xperia DarkKnight theme, X White Grayscale, Cerulean, Evangelion NERV SH06D

Today we are listing 4 more custom Xperia themes viz. Xperia DarkKnight theme, X White Grayscale, Cerulean, Evangelion NERV SH06D from XDA users tOrNadOcuatzstressslink722marson5 respectively. To install custom Xperia themes you need android 4.3+ running on your Xperia device along with root permissions.

After Sony’s android 4.3 update users can now install Xperia themes on their device either form Play Store or from open source community. Download above mentioned themes from below links and install like normal apk, in case you are not able to install them; push them in system/app folder with rw- r– r– permissions.

If installed on non rooted handsets only homescreen and lockscreen wallpaper will change.

Xperia DarkKnight theme

Download DarkKnight.apk

Xperia DarkKnight theme

Xperia DarkKnight theme apk

Xperia X White Grayscale Theme

Download id.cuatzstress.theme.gtx-2.apk

X White Grayscale Theme

Xperia X White Grayscale Theme

Xperia Cerulean theme

Download Cerulean_4.3_4.4.apk

Cerulean Xperia theme

Xperia Evangelion NERV SH06D Theme


Evangelion NERV SH06D Theme

Xperia Evangelion NERV SH06D Theme

Download the above mentioned Xperia themes on your device, let us know which one you liked the most. Drop your comments below.