Sony Xperia Z1 Drop Test Video – Won’t ON for USE after falling 3 times

Sony Xperia Z1, the latest sensation from Sony’s camp right now. At the very right moment it was officially unveiled on 4 Sept at IFA 2013 Berlin, it drew certain criticism and some applause like all new flagship device attracts. Well that’s normal, but now as tech reviewers are criticizing it for poor viewing angles and display showing yellow hue, it has become an issue for all Xperia Z1 users. So wanted to know how well your Xperia Z1 is built, is it strong enough to take some fall, let’s see.

Xperia Z1 sets in a frame made of aluminium and just like Xperia Z we have here shatter proof and scratch-resistant glass on rear and back side of Xperia Z1 which sets it in a glass-metal casing. It do have a stronger build as when compared to Xperia Z but is it good enough, confused let’ see.

Sony Xperia Z1 Drop Test Video

Folks at Android Authority have put up a video which shows Sony Xperia Z1 drop test. First check out the video then we will see what happened to it.

Xperia Z1 was dropped three times during the test. Dropped at a height of around 5 feet. In the first fall on it’s back, the SIM card slot flap opened up and the only piece of damage was noticed in top left corner near camera lens which a bit part of glass ripped of.

In the second fall, a vertical on speaker sides, both SD card slot and USB slot flaps opened up and a few scratches on metal casing.

In the third fall, the one on front side of phone, nothing much happened to screen rather then some scratches. Well the build of Xperia Z1 seems great.

But the main question, did Xperia Z1 turn up after falling 3 times ?

Answer is NO…

Xperia Z1 didn’t turn on for full functioning but the screen lighted up with blue color and some purple hue on left side, making it nonfunctional.

Sony Xperia Z1 Drop Test - Screen blue with Purple hue

So when it came to the build quality, pretty much satisfied but the most important area of concern that Xperia Z1 working after falls too, unfortunately it fails in that area. Impact must have a great effect on its inner framework.

So guys are you satisfied with it, let us know in comments…

[ via Android Authority ]

Sony Xperia Z1 Official Promo Videos and Trailers

Sony Xperia Z1 has been officially launched now code named as Xperia Honami. Everything related to Xperia Z1 is now available, nothing is hidden. Sony has officially released the press kit, white paper and images for Xperia Z1.

Xperia Z1 is the best ever smartphone produced by Sony undoubtedly.

Xperia Z1 Full Specifications, Features and Photo Gallery

Sony Xperia Z1 Official Promos

Sony has officially released various promo videos for Xperia Z1 in which it looks stunning, the device definitely has goen through best of Sony’s craftmanship.

Well now let’s have a loot at the videos of Xperia Z1.







If you are a true Xperia smartphone enthusiast like us then above video promos of Xperia Z1 will blow your mind.

Xperia Z1 has been priced at €649 in Germany and will be available for sale later this month.

Let us know did you like Xperia Z1, what’s your opinion on Xperia Z1.

Sony Xperia Z1 Official Promo Video Leaks before launch at IFA 2013

Just 16 minutes before the official launch of Xperia Z1 at IFA 2013, we just saw that Xperia Z1 Official Promo Video has been leaked on YouTube and the phone looks stunning in the video.

Below you can see the official promo from Sony…

Sony Xperia Z1 Official Promo Video

We want to tell you that if you are not able to go to IFA 2013 Event, then now you can see the live Sony conference now at below link

WATCH Xperia Z1 Launch LIVE at Sony’s IFA 2013 Press Conference Video Streaming

Xperia Z1 looks stunning to us, if you want to look at it’s detailed specification then check the below link to find out more on Xperia Z1.

Xperia Z1 Official Specifications and Features

Do let us know did you like the #bestofSony Xperia Z1, drop your comments…

First Official Xperia Honami Teaser VIDEO from Sony – 4 September Launch date at IFA Event, Berlin confirmed

After posting 3 teaser images for Xperia Honami, Sony has just posted the first official Xperia Honami teaser videoon You Tube saying “The best of Sony is about to get even better”.

Xperia Honami Official Teaser Video from Sony

Full profile of Xperia Honami is shown in video. Check out below the official teaser from Sony.

Sony quoted on their blog saying…

3…2….what comes next?

Is that means Xperia Honami will be called “Xperia Z1” ??? Well let’s see 🙂

From video it is confirmed that Xperia Honami will be launched at IFA even in Berlin on 4 Sept as Sony ended the video with saying #4Sept.

Well as speculated many hardware feature of Xperia Honami are again confirmed like an open 3.5 mm water proof headphone jack, longer speaker grill at bottom,  20.7 MP camera with 1/2.3″ sensor with G-Lens but still we don’t see branding of “G” lens near cam in teaser videos also but same was spotted in some leaked pics of white Xperia Honami yesterday.

We have taken some screenshots from the video which shows Xperia Honami in a great profile.

Xperia Honami Pics from official teaser Video

Let us did you like the video, for us it was mind blowing 🙂