Download Xperia Themes Bestfriends, Sporty, Blinger, NewEngland, Headbanger

Sony has provided an option to download and install Xperia themes from Play Store based on Xperia theme engine on android 4.3 firmware update onwards and first Xperia themes were from app makers “The Green Personalisation” and “Knowit Mobile AB”. After a long time The Green Personalisation app maker has launched new Xperia themes today on Play Store viz. Xperia Themes Bestfriends, Sporty, Blinger, NewEngland, Headbanger; all are paid themes.

Above mentioned all themes are paid themes so you need to buy them before you install them. You need atleast android 4.3+ firmware on your Xperia device to install those themes, working on booth rooted as well as non rooted handsets. Check the below links to direct access the Play Store links to download themes.

Xperia Themes from The Green Personalisation

Xperia Theme Bestfriends

Download Xperia Theme Bestfriends apk

Xperia Theme Bestfriends UI

Xperia Theme Bestfriends LockScreen Xperia Theme Bestfriends HomeScreen

Xperia Theme Bestfriends

Xperia Theme Bestfriends Background

Xperia Theme Bestfriends apk

Xperia Theme Sporty

Xperia Theme Blinger

Xperia Theme NewEngland

Xperia Theme Headbanger

Note :- All above mentioned theme are PAID themes, so please don’t ask us to provide the free links. If you want to download the themes, buy them from Play Store 🙂

If you have already downloaded any of the above mentioned theme, let us know do you like it. Drop your comments below.