Install Xperia T2 Ultra Portrait retouch 1.0.B.0.7 camera app on Xperia devices

Xperia T2 Ultra Dual saw a new 19.0.D.0.253 firmware update rolling recently as its 19.0.D.0.253 firmware ftf is available for download, developers have started porting apps from it. Portrait retouch is one of the camera app present in Xperia T2 Ultra which is absent from whole Xperia Z family camera app still. Portrait retouch app allows you to style your pic in many different ways.

Portrait retouch 1.0.B.0.7 camera app has been ported by XDA dev xperiaz2 ( Ash ) and Levered for all Xperia devices running android 4.1+, rooted and custom recovery installed. Portrait retouch 1.0.B.0.7 with smooth experience  has been successfully tested on Xperia Z1, ZR, Z, ZL, Z1 Compact, Z Ultra, P, V , L, M, TX and should work on all devices running Sony Social Smart Camera app.

Instructions : Download the Portrait retouch 1.0.B.0.7 camera app zip file from below link, it contains two files SelfPortrait.apk  and SomcChinaPhotoEditor.apk, either flash the zip file via recovery or push both apps in system/app folder and set permissions > rw- r– r– > reboot.

Portrait retouch 1.0.B.0.7 camera app

Download Portrait retouch 1.0.B.0.7 app



Download Self

Below you can see Portrait retouch 1.0.B.0.7 camera app preview.

Portrait retouch 1.0.B.0.7

Portrait retouch 1.0.B.0.7 app

Do try this Portrait retouch 1.0.B.0.7 camera app on your Xperia handset and let us know if it worked or not. Drop your comments below.