Install Xperia Stock Lollipop & Dragon Teal Theme

Sony is in the process of rolling Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update on its Xperia line now and with that Xperia Lollipop themes have started coming up. We shared some Xperia Lollipop themes recently and users requested us to share a theme with stock soft keys, well we have got one.

Xperia Stock Lollipop Theme by session20 gives you original stock soft keys with dark black-grey color in the theme. We are also sharing Xperia Lollipop Dragon Teal theme which has got great color, but Sony’s soft keys. Both themes need Android 5.0.2 running on your Xperia handset.

Xperia Stock Lollipop Theme with stock soft keys

Download Xperia Stock Lollipop Theme apk  from below mentioned link. Install normally on your Install normally on your handset.


Xperia Stock Lollipop Theme

Xperia Lollipop Theme with stock soft keys

Xperia Lollipop Dragon Teal Theme

Download Xperia Lollipop Dragon Teal Theme from Play Store. It is a paid theme, available at $1.

Download Xperia FIFA theme from Play Store

Xperia Lollipop Dragon Teal Theme

Xperia Lollipop Dragon Teal Theme apk

Xperia Lollipop Dragon Theme is available in 8 more colors, check out all themes here.

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