Xperia SP Frame Bent Issue appeared like Xperia Z1 – Poor Build Quality or User’s Fault ?

A few months back we reported that many Xperia Z1 users were complaining that frame bent has appeared in their handset without any external force applied. Though if you’ll look at Xperia Z1 frame bent pics you wont believe that it has appeared without application of any external force but as number of users reporting this issue is very large so it makes us to doubt on the build quality of Xperia Z1 on those particular handsets. Well unfortunately now Xperia SP users are also reporting same frame bent issue on their handset.

One such user Corey Walter has contacted us regarding the “Xperia SP Frame Bent Issue” which appeared in his handset and it really looks really terrible. Flat bar designed Xperia SP is looking like Xperia T curve design, well mocking aside; all such cases which are arising almost daily regarding the build quality of handsets is a serious concern.


Xperia Z1 Screen and Body bent appears – User’s fault or Hardware issue ?

Let’s have a look at Xperia SP Frame Bent Issue…

Xperia SP Frame Bent Issue

Notice the front panel of Xperia SP shown below, it is clearly bent from the front like a curve.

Xperia SP Frame Bent Issue

Below user has placed his Xperia SP over LG Optimus and look at the ends of Xperia SP, they are moved upwards not perfectly horizontal.

Frame Bent Xperia SP

Check the curve formed in body of Xperia SP.

Xperia SP Body Bent

In below pic you can see the exact curve formed in the frame of Xperia SP

Xperia SP Bent Issue

As claimed by the user, all frame bent appeared itself, no force was applied from his end but the issue now arises is that whether Sony will take up this case under warranty or not. As seen from the comments of many Xperia Z1 users, some got their handset replaced from Sony for same issue and to some Sony refused saying such frame bents can’t appear itself, weird huh ?

[ UPDATE – 23 FEB ]

Another user “Narelle & Phil” has reached us and unfortunately bends have appeared in their Xperia SP frame also which is very disappointing, it seems now as many users are reporting, there may be some issue with those frames.

Curved Xperia SP Frame

Bent Xperia SP Frame

Just to update users, Sony has started rolling officially Android 4.3 12.1.A.0.266 firmware on Xperia SP, check below link for full details on it.

Xperia SP 12.1.A.0.266 firmware Android 4.3 Rolling Now Officially

Well if you have also got any such issues in your Xperia SP then do let us know. We would like to know how many Xperia SP users are facing this frame bent issue. Drop your comments below.

Xperia SP Heats Up Goes dead – Won’t Turn On or Charge – SOLUTION

Xperia SP, the wonderful phone launched by Sony has gained world-wide appreciation. It is powered with 1.7 Ghz. dual-core Snapdragon S4 pro chipset packed with Adreno 320 GPU. Xperia SP comes with wealthy 2370 mAh non-removable battery which means that to do hard reset, we need an alternative way to switch it off.

Xperia Z also has a non-removable battery with a non-removable back casing, so in order to do a hard reset on it, one need to press and hold down “power+volume up” together for 3-5 seconds then phone vibrates, switched off and restarts. Well unfortunately the same method doesn’t work on Xperia SP.

[ UPDATE – 12 Feb 2014 ]

Xperia SP Frame Bent Issue appeared like Xperia Z1 – Poor Build Quality ?

Let’s come to main issue of this article.

Xperia SP Heats Up Goes dead – Won’t Turn On or Charge

Many Xperia SP users have complained that their handset heats up to extreme sometimes during charging and then remain hot for a while more than 30+ minutes. Well that’s terrible.

So What Actually Happened with us ?

At 13% battery, we put our Xperia SP on charging and when we came back after half and hour, we found our Xperia SP was very hot :/ We removed the charger and kept the phone aside. Even after 30 minutes phone didn’t cool down and the golden light in the illumination bar didn’t shut, it was lighted through out that period.

Xperia SP Won’t Turn or Charge 

We were not able to get back to display screen even after pressing the power button on our Xperia SP, neither it was charging not it was turning on. For a moment we were afraid, that what happened. Phone was in on stage, it was not switched off.

Problem Solution

We thought of re-installing the firmware on our Xperia SP 12.0.A.1.257 firmware again by SUS, but before doing that we thought of doing a hard reset so that it can be switched off and restarted.

So how did we do that ?Remember “Pressing power + Volume UP” button combination don’t work in Xperia SP.

  • Remove the back cover of Xperia SP and look for a small yellow dot on mid bottom with “OFF” written below it. Check the image below.

Xperia SP Heats Up Goes dead - Won't Turn On or Charge - SOLUTION

  • Now “Press & Hold Down the OFF Button, using a tip of pen or any other pointed object for around 10 seconds”. Phones vibrates and will be switched off automatically. Check image below.

P.S. Don’t use very sharp objects as it may damage the OFF Button.

How to Turn On Xperia SP after it goes dead because of heating - won't charge

  • Now phone restarts.

After restarting we found that our Xperia SP got back to normal temperature and everything was fine.  🙂 We were able to charge our Xperia SP again, device was cool.


Main issue is that why Xperia SP is getting this issue ? Why Phones heats up suddenly without doing nothing ? Why doesn’t it turns on ? Why doesn’t it charge ??? Many users are coming up with this issue on Sony Mobile Forums even…no proper verdict has been given by support staff on this issue.

Are these all firmware bugs or some another issue…

Please report if you have also faced same situation on your Xperia SP, report below with your problem…Comment we will get back to you soon may be with a solution…