Xperia M 15.1.C.2.8 firmware update – Camera Improved

Sony has given the taste of firmware updates to two Xperia handsets today, earlier in the morning we saw Xperia M Dual being updated to android 4.2.2 15.2.A.2.5 firmware and just now another update has hit Xperia M. Android 4.1.2 15.1.C.2.8 firmware ( moving from previous 15.1.C.1.17  firmware ) update has just hit Xperia M sadly keeping it still on android 4.1.2 as android 4.2.2 was expected seeing it already running on Xperia M Dual versions.

15.1.C.2.8 firmware update confirmed on both C1904/C1905 in Vietnam so far. 15.1.C.2.8 firmware update available as usual via PC Companion and SUS and on Bridge for Mac users.

Connect your Xperia M to PC Companion and look for a notification just like shown below for 15.1.C.2.8 firmware update and proceed as per on screen instructions.

Xperia M 15.1.C.2.8 firmware update via PC Companion - Camera Improved

 Though Sony still has not updated the new 15.1.C.2.8 firmware on their website but the users who have already got it are saying that it improved “camera” ( atleast better than previous version ).

Download Xperia M 15.1.C.2.8 firmware ftf

Download C1905_Moneylatentoi__15.1.C.2.8_world.ftf | 593 MB

We think rest all the features are under the hood in this 15.1.C.2.8 firmware update for Xperia M, rest you tell us what it has brought for you in actual…

Xperia M 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware update rolled out – Fixed Reboot Issue and No Bluish tint in camera pics

A new 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware has been rolled for Xperia M on both versions of handset i.e. C1904/C1905 and fixes some of the major bugs as stated by Xperia M users. Previous updates on Xperia M were 15.1.A.1.9 firmware and 15.1.A.1.5 firmware ( out of box it came on firs batch of handset ).

15.1.C.1.17 Firmware is a major update and keeps Xperia M C1904/C1905  on android 4.1.2 only and is confirmed in India and Malaysia region and is still seeding, may roll out soon in other parts of world too.

15.1.C.1.17 Firmware is available over PC Companion as usual, connect your Xperia M to PC and check for 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware update notification as shown below.

Xperia M 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware update via PCC

Xperia M 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware update rolled out

First reboot after the update is normally slow, don’t panic it will be fine in next reboot.

Xperia M 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware Details

  • Android – 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  • Model – Xperia M C1905
  • Kernel Version – 3.4.0
  • Baseband – 2.11.J.1.34_8X30_M:172136.41.21.00050_A:1721
  • Build number – 15.1.C.1.17 firmware

Xperia M 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware Details

Software info of 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware added below.

Phone Software Version – 1272-2325_15.1.C.1.17 and Customization version is 1274_5473_R8A

Software info of 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware

If you still haven’t got the 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware  update try changing your customization number and soon we will update the post with 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware ftf links.

Download 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware ftf 

Keep all below files in a folder and extract the 1st one.

Download C1905_15.1.C.1.17_aerialus indo.part1.rar
Download C1905_15.1.C.1.17_aerialus indo.part2.rar
Download C1905_15.1.C.1.17_aerialus indo.part3.rar
Download C1905_15.1.C.1.17_aerialus indo.part4.rar

Xperia M 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware update Changelog

15.1.C.1.17 Firmware is a major update over previous and fixes two major bugs.

  • Fixed automatic Reboot issue.
  • No More bluish tint in camera pics.
  • No more re-drawing of home launcher.
  • Effective RAM management.

If you have already updated your phone to 15.1.C.1.17 Firmware then let us know if you find any other major change in this firware update. Drop your comments below.

Thanks  Anto Kuswanto 🙂