Download Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.0.6 available from Play Store

Yet another app from Sony is now available at  Play Store “Xperia Keyboard version 6.4.A.0.6”; till now we have seen so many apps from Sony on Play Store especially Camera apps ( which were exclusively seen on Xperia Z1 ). If you own an Xperia smartphone, Xperia Keyboard app comes as pre-installed as stock keyboard app. At present Xperia Keyboard app version is 6.3.A.0.18 on android 4.4.2 KitKat update from Sony.

Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.0.6 can be downloaded from Play Store now, currently working on android 4.4.2 running Xperia devices only. Xperia Keyboard is the default Xperia keyboard app for all languages except Chinese, Korean, Japanese. Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.0.6  is working fine on Xperia Z1, Z Ultra, Z1 Compact. Sony says new “Back up and Sync” features has been added in the keyboard app using your Sony Entertainment Network account.

Download Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.0.6  app

Download Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.0.6 app from Play Store, if you are not able to do so, follow the below link to download it manually.

Below Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.0.6 apk is extracted from our Xperia Z1.

Download com.sonyericsson.textinput.uxp-1.apk

Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.0.6

Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.0.6 app

Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.0.6 apk

If you have downloaded Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.0.6 app then let us know, any improvements found in terms of its smoothness. Let us know. Drop your comments below.