Install Clean Fall Theme, Purple Flower Theme on your Xperia device

Sony introduced downloadable Xperia Themes as a new feature on android 4.3 and so far we have seen so many Xperia themes on Play Store and even an official Xperia Amazing Spider Man 2 theme came from Sony. Many developers have taken up the work themselves and many new modded custom Xperia themes have come up.

XDA developer Levered has modded two new Xperia custom theme viz. Clean Fall Theme, Purple Flower Theme; both themes are based on Clean Foggy theme by Knowit Mobile AB. You need rooted Xperia handset running android 4.3+ version. It is working fine on Xperia Z1, Z, ZL, ZR, SP and other Xperia devices.

Download the concerned theme apk from below and install it like normal apk, if it didn’t work then push in system/app.

Download Purple Flower Theme 

Download se.levered.purpleflower.apk

Xperia Purple Flower Theme

Download Clean Fall Theme

Download se.levered.cleanfall_v2.apk

Xperia Clean Fall Theme

You can also try the below mentioned custom Xperia Themes on your device.

Install Xperia Robocop custom theme

Install Xperia Darksiders Version 2 custom theme

Install Xperia Darksiders custom theme 

Install Xperia Iron Man Custom theme

Try above custom Xperia Themes on your device, let us know do you like them. Drop your comments below.