Install Sony Xperia Downloadable Android 4.3 Themes on Xperia C

Sony introduced new Xperia downloadable themes in android 4.3 update for Xperia Z family and Xperia SP, T, TX and V which includes new Xperia theme engine so users can download new Xperia themes from Play Store and develop their own. Unfortunately these Xperia Downloadable Android 4.3 Themes can not be installed on android 4.2.2 running handsets if they are not using some mod to run them.

Now it is possible to install Xperia Downloadable Android 4.3 Themes on Xperia C. Remember your Xperia C must be rooted on latest available firmware to install these themes. Check below method on how to install the Xperia C theme package which came from XDA user TacoNikky.

How to Install Xperia Downloadable Android 4.3 Themes on Xperia C

You must have root access on your Xperia C, if you have then proceed below. Tested on Xperia C only. Installing them on other handsets is taking a risk at your own cost 😉

Download below mentioned file.


After downloading above file, extract it you will find some 7 themes apk inside it.

Make a backup of current themes apk in case you need to revert back.

  • Use any root explorer and put each theme apk in system/app folder.
  • Set correct permissions rw-r-r
  • Reboot your Xperia C after installing each theme if possible.

You get Xperia Woody, Craftsmanship, TriFlat, Winter Snow, Comic Pirate, Christmas Themes wallpaper and lockscreen images with ascent colors.

Xperia C Android 4.3 Themes

NOTE :- Installing above themes only changes lockscreen and homescreen wallpapers as per the theme applied, not the navigation bar icons.

It’s done now, check under themes section you must be having new Xperia Downloadable Android 4.3 Themes on your Xperia C which are only exclusive for android 4.3 running Xperia handsets.

Do comment if above themes worked fine on your Xperia C, let us know. Like the new themes, drop your comments below.

[ via – XDA ]