Install Hexahedron Bootanimation for Android devices in HD

Today we are sharing Hexahedron Bootanimation for all android devices in 1080p & 720p resolution. You need rooted device to install the Hexahedron Bootanimation.

Download the bootanimation zip file (posted below), rename it to ““. Place the downloaded zip file into /system/media folder, set permissions rw-r-r (how to set permissions tutorial here).

Hexahedron Bootanimation

Download Hexahedron Bootanimation in HD (as per your device) from the below mentioned link. Take a backup of your bootanimation file before installing the new one.



Check out the Hexahedron Bootanimation in action below.

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via – XDA (shared by chitshiv)

Transformers Bootanimation in HD for Android smartphones

Today we are sharing Transformers Bootanimation with you, it needs rooted Android device to install it. It contains android and transformers logo with the transformers mask.

It will work on rooted Android devices with Android 4.4+. Take a backup of your present bootanimation file before installing this.

Transformers Bootanimation

After downloading the concerned file, rename it too and then go to /systsem/media and replace the file here (with the downloaded one, tutorial here).

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via – XDA (shared by chitshiv)

Avengers Bootanimation in HD for Android smartphones

Today we are sharing Avengers Bootanimation in HD for Android smartphones. It is compatible with all android devices with resolution 1080×1920.

If has a fluctutating black and white background having Avengers logo in between. You need a rooted android device to install the bootanimation.

Avengers Bootanimation for Android 

Download the bootanimation zip file. Rename it to “” after downloading. Take a backup of your present bootanimation file and then go to /systsem/media and replace the file here (with the downloaded one).

Avengers Boot Animation

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via – XDA (shared by chitshiv)

Install Xperia X Series Bootanimation from Marshmallow

Sony recently unveiled its latest Xperia “X” series smartphones viz. Xperia X, Xperia X Performance, and Xperia XA at MWC 2016. Sony’s Xperia “X” series will be running Android Marshmallow out of the box, as mentioned by Sony.

Earlier we shared Xperia X series official wallpapers and now Xperia X series bootanimation is also available for install on Xperia devices (rooted devices only).

Xperia X Series Bootanimation

Download  Xperia X Series Bootanimation from the below link (as per your device resolution).

1080×1920 Resolution, Download

720×1280 Resolution, Download

540×960 Resolution, Download

480×854 Resolution, Download

Check out the Xperia X Series Bootanimation preview below

Xperia X Series Bootanimation

Steps to install: You need rooted Xperia device (other android device) to install the bootanimation. Copy the downloaded zip file and replace it with existing located in system/media directory (tutorial here).

Xperia X Bootanimation Video

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Source – XDA (shared by chitshiv)

Xperia Material Bootanimation inspired from material design

A few days back we shared Xperia Circle bootanimation and today we are sharing Xperia Material bootanimation following material design. You need rooted Xperia handset with recovery installed, preferably 720p or 1080p resolution device to install this bootanimation.

Make a backup of your old bootanimation file before flashing it. It works smooth on Xperia SP, Xperia SL, S, T, TX, V etc. It is without sound.

Xperia Material Bootanimation

Download Xperia Material Bootanimation flashable zip from below link and flash via recovery.

For 720p resolution Xperia devices


Xperia Material Bootanimation


For 1080p resolution Xperia devices


Original developer of bootanimation will soon release the version for Xperia Z Ultra.

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via – XDA (demonio98)

Try Xperia Circle Bootanimation for 720p, 1080p resolution devices

Are you looking for a bootanimation with Xperia branding well if yes, then you might want to try Xperia Circle bootanimation. You need rooted Xperia handset, preferably with 720p or 1080p resolution to install this bootanimation.

Download Xperia Circle bootanimation zip file posted below, rename it to, navigate to system/media folder, set permissions to rw- r– r– and replace the original file with the downloaded one. Do take a backup of your original bootanimation file.

Xperia Circle Bootanimation

Download Xperia Circle bootanimation from below for your concerned device, it is not a flashable zip file.

For HD 720X1280 resolution devices


For FHD 1920X1080 resolution devices


For FHD 1920X1080 resolution devices – file


Above posted boot animation should work with all Xperia “Z” series handsets, Xperia SP, T, V, TX, T2 Ultra, T3, C3 etc.

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via – XDA, Thanks Josef Zvolánek for the flashable zip file!

Install Ironman Jarvis Boot Animation on Xperia Z1

Now days we are seeing too many cross device development regarding Sony Xperia smartphones where almost all Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.2 KitKat apps and features are ported to other Xperia devices. As you all know most of the mods and ports need rooted phone and recovery installed so users please do it if you haven’t done it yet. Today we present you Ironman Jarvis Boot Animation for Xperia devices.

XDA dev iamkani and Abbyjeet has ported this Ironman Jarvis Boot Animation and it works great. Ironman Jarvis Boot Animation has 1280×720 resolution so it can be used on other Xperia smartphones also but resolution may be an issue. Do back up your original file from system/media folder and follow the instructions given below.

Download the Ironman Jarvis file from given below link and copy it in system/media folder and reboot.


Below you can see the Ironman Jarvis Boot Animation preview on Xperia Z1.

Ironman Jarvis Boot Animation

Xperia Z1 Ironman Jarvis Boot Animation

Do try the below mods also if you want.

Xperia Z2 Live Wallpaper 1.0.A.0.9 version for NON ROOTED devices

Install Xperia Robocop custom theme on Android 4.3 devices

Let us know if Xperia Z1 Ironman Jarvis Boot Animation worked on your device specifically if you are trying it on another device other than Xperia Z1. Drop your comments below.