Xperia X Concept 38.3.1.A.0.74 firmware update rolled – Supports AptX

Sony has rolled a new concept N4F26T14 build 38.3.1.A.0.74 firmware for Xperia X which brings AptX support for users on concept experimental track. You can now enjoy hi-res Bluetooth sound using the AptX code if your hi-fi equipment/headphone supports it.

38.3.1.A.0.74 firmware update (Android 71.1.) also brings latest March Android Security Patch (patch level 2017-03-05) to the device. Stable update will follow soon.

Xperia X Concept 38.3.1.A.0.74 firmware Update

Sony Concept Installer app will guide you how to get this 38.3.1.A.0.74 update on your Xperia X.

Let us know if you have already updated your Xperia X, how’s new sound treating you? Drop your comments below.

Source – Sony Intouch | Image Credits: Pepousek67 (via XDA)