Benefits of a waterproof phone infographic from Sony

Sony has posted an interesting infographic on “Benefits of a waterproof phone” on their blog and it’s kind of great explaining why do you need a waterproof phone and how Sony’s Xperia lineup has an advantage over other handsets. Sony launched Xperia Z as the first waterproof resistant phone of Xperia “Z” lineup and till then we have seen all its “Z” flagships coming with water and dust resistant ability.

Recently launched Sony’s latest flagship devices Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet both offers the one of the best waterproof and dust resistant nature in android devices.  As per Sony’s infographic, it says “75% people in UK take their phone to bathroom and 1/5 i.e. 15% reported damage to their phones is due to water damage“.

Benefits of a waterproof phone infographic

Benefits of a waterproof phone infographic from Sony

Share with us your experiences when waterproof / water resistant nature of your device saved its life when you dropped it in some water source. Do you think Sony has an edge over other devices due to water resistant nature present in its Xperia devices.

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