Sony Walkman 8.5.A.2.8 update rolling – Bug Fixing

Sony has again updated its Walkman app to newer version 8.5.A.2.8 over older 8.5.A.2.7 version which officially brought material design UI to the app and compatibility with Android 5.0 Lollipop version. Walkman app icon has also been modified as per new material design.

Sony Walkman 8.5.A.2.8 update is working fine on Xperia SP now where in earlier version the light bar was not glowing while using Walkman app.

Sony Walkman 8.5.A.2.8 app

Walkman 8.5.A.2.8 update is rolling via Update Center app, 14 MB update. It is confirmed on Xperia “Z” series handsets, Xperia SP etc.

Sony Walkman 8.5.A.2.8 apk

Download Walkman 8.5.A.2.8 apk from below if you haven’t got the update yet.


Download Walkman 8.5.A.2.7 apk

Walkman 8.5.A.2.7

Sony Walkman 8.5.A.2.7 app update

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