Sony Walkman 8.4.A.3.1 update – Added Folder Support

A new update to Sony Walkman has been updated to newer 8.4.A.3.1 version from older  8.4.A.1.5/8.4.A.1.4 version. Walkman 8.4.A.3.1 update brings a new feature i.e. Folder support added and now you can navigate to all folders from device’s memory to access the music files.

Other noticeable improvements in the Walkman 8.4.A.3.1 update includes Walkman widget to work on android home screen and possible performance enhancement and security bug fixes.

Walkman 8.4.A.3.1 update

Walkman 8.4.A.3.1 update is confirmed on all Xperia handsets running android 4.3+,available from update center app. If you haven’t got the update yet then you can manually download the apk from below, no root needed.


Sony Walkman 8.4.A.3.1app

Walkman 8.4.A.3.1 apk

Let us know if you find this Walkman 8.4.A.3.1 update’s folder feature great. Drop your comments below.

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