Sony Walkman 8.3.A.0.5 app update rolling

Sony rolled Walkman 8.3.A.0.2 app update a few days back which brought new UI to the app which we saw at MWC 2014 event, playing on Xperia Z2 exclusively. Many Xperia users complained about many bugs in Walkman app like low volume etc, fortunately Sony has acknowledged those bugs and released new Walkman 8.3.A.0.5 app update today.

Walkman 8.3.A.0.5 app update is rolled via OTA update, confirmed on devices Xperia Z1, Z Ultra Z2, Z, ZL, ZR, SP etc. Sony clearly mentioned in the changelog of  Walkman 8.3.A.0.5 app update i.e. “We would like to apologies“! Sony has fixed all minor bugs reported by users as per them.

Download Walkman 8.3.A.0.5 app update

If you haven’t got the  Walkman 8.3.A.0.5 app update yet then you can download it from below mentioned link and install it like normal apk.

Download Walkman8.3.A.0.5.apk

Walkman 8.3.A.0.5 app update

Walkman 8.3.A.0.5 apk

Let us know if you are facing any more bugs on this new Walkman update from Sony. Drop your comments below.

Thanks Rimas 🙂