Collection of Best Free VPN Apps for Android Smartphones

VPN (stands for Virtual Private Network) has become a necessity nowadays rather than just a tool to mask yourself on the internet. From accessing content which is restricted to a geographical area to connect over network securely; individual users as well as corporate firms; number of users are using VPN. VPN connections are encrypted which means someone is less likely to see the information sent and received by your computer/smartphone. You may like to discover about how to switch and get a free phone from your operators (only for native American).

As when you connect to a VPN software, it encrypts your data. VPN then routes it through a server to your concerned online destination. As when this activity is tracked, it shows the traffic is coming from the VPN server not from your computer/smartphone and location thus protecting your online identity though VPN security is debatable. Though it is legal to use VPN services but you should always check local laws while using VPN in your geographical area.

Best Free VPN Apps for Android Smartphones

Anonymous browsing is a very common term and VPN makes it possible. With VPN you can hide your IP so that online web tracking back to source becomes hard to track. It routes your connection through a server and hides the online activity. In short, to avoid any third party snooping and to protect yourself over internet from unwanted spying, it is recommended to connect to good VPN connection.

With the increase in number of Android smartphone users there are now plenty of free as well-paid VPN apps available at Google Play Store; make sure you choose the right one. Today we are listing best VPN for android smartphones.

Rocket VPN – Internet Freedom App

Rocket VPN Android app is available free on the Play Store, with rating 4.3/5.

It is very easy to set up. Just connect to your desired connection/location. No need to sign up just use right away!

App has a very clean UI, easy to use and it does what it says. All users will get free 250 MB (earlier it used to have 500 MB but now they have reduced) of free bandwidth and free trial of 7 days to unlimited plan is available for trial. No ad blocking though in free version.


ExpressVPN is another popular VPN client for android smartphones with good customer feedback and customer support 24/7. Rated as 4.1/5 on Google Play Store.

t asks you to register before using it. It provides 160 server locations in 94 countries. Choose your desired server connection and connect right away. You can also get 30 days free subscription by referring the app to your connections.

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN is high rated 4.5/5 on Google Play Store and offers 500 MB free bandwidth every month though you can always subscribe to paid plans which offers unlimited data. It asks you to create a free account first before using the app.

Is Tunnelbear safe ? TunnelBear VPN has servers in more than 22+ countries and uses strong AES-256 bit encryption. Though as when we tried it showed error in connecting as when phone was connected to a Wi-Fi network.


NordVPN is rated 4.4/5 on Google Play Store. It allows you have to have free 7 days access to unlimited VPN services. You can connect to 6 devices with 1 account. You have to pick a plan before you start using the app.

Do activate CyberSec in app settings before using app services.

NordVPN allows you to connect from more than 60+ countries.

What as a user I noticed that VPN apps should allow users to connect to VPN without creating account also or subscribing to any plan (which can be cancelled later), it is just easy.

Do let us know your best VPN app for android smartphones which you are using. Drop your comments below.