Install Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean in Xperia U ST25i – 3.0.8 Kernel

Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update is rolling out now for many Xperia phones like recently we saw Xperia P LT22i getting android 4.1.2 jelly bean update firmware build number 6.2.A.0.400 on 3.0.8 old kernel version and Xperia Go ST27i also getting android 4.1.2 jelly bean update with same firmware build number and kernel version along with same baseband version u8500-49020911-P3A_EC05. A lot ago Sony made clear that Xperia U will not be getting android 4.1.2 jelly bean update as we know because of hardware limitations. But I can tell you Xperia U users are desperate to get a jelly bean update which unfortunately now not possible.

Bugs in ROM

Xperia Go customized kernel for Xperia U is not full functional at this stage there are many bugs present. We noticed that LED illumination bar is not lighted, neither camera has proper functionality yet. Sometimes phone may go in deep sleep. Touch is not very sensitive and battery drain a issue. So if you don’t wan to take a risk then do not update the below ROM on your phone. Proceed at your own risk, neither developer nor we are responsible for any damage you might cause in your phone.

How to Install Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean in Xperia U ST25i

Fortunately the recognized XDA Developer munjeni has successfully ported the stock android 4.1.2 jelly bean firmware of Xperia Go on Xperia U with kernel version 3.0.8. The boot image has only been designed for Xperia U so must be tried on on it only, take it as warning.

Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean in Xperia U ST25i - 3.0.8 Kernel

Installation steps

  • Download the custom boot image of Xperia GO jelly bean firmware.

Download I 16.33 MB
MD5 Sum: 480ecf3be609406b8afabd04fc652c8d

In the above downloaded file you will find the modified ramdisk from Xperia Go new jelly bean firmware and the custom jelly bean kernel version 3.0.8.

  • Download the customized ROM for Xperia U.

Download I 624.7 MB
MD5 Sum : 996ebeeaa473b0eed0a8dde0836662bb

  1. Bootloader on your Xperia U must be unlocked before you flash this image.
  2. Supposing you have unlocked bootloader. Copy the file on your phone.
  3. Flash the “boot.img” file via Flash Tool for Xperia , and after that boot in CWM recovery, install the whole file and the ROM file via option “install zip from SD card”. Done, then. Switch on phone again.

Xperia U Jelly Bean Customized ROM Details

  • App Drawer size is 4×4.
  • AnTuTu benchmark score of Xperia U on Jelly Bean is 6783.

AnTuTu benchmark score of Xperia U on Jelly Bean is 6783

  • Capacitive keys are not working very smooth, they are OK.
  • SMS, Call dialer, lockscreen working smoothly.
  • Fast boot, all connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM working fine.
  • Xperia Home is lagging overall.
  • No small apps, as because of small screen, Xperia P and Xperia Go didn’t get small apps.
  • Battery drain is an issue.

If you are unable to do any step drop us a comment we will gladly help you.

[ Via – XDA ]

Download Xperia Privilege App Version 2.0,2.1,2.2 apk Update – Free £20/€25 Voucher

Sony has come out with a new app called Xperia Privilege which is officially being seen with Xperia Z owners, getting an update for it, though the app is available for download for all users on Google Play. Well it’s a new marketing idea of Sony giving some promotional offers to it’s users. Currently only Xperia Z users are able to get the benefit of this promotion via their Xperia Privilege App Version 2.0.

Xperia Privilege App Version 2.0

Xperia Privilege App Version 2.0 is officially available at Google Play and currently in beta phase. The listing of app says that it is compatible with any Xperia smartphone over Android 2.1+. This app is currently offering some £20/€25 free vouchers to all Xperia Z owners which can be spent at apps like “Play Memories online, Music Unlimited, Play Now, PlayStation store etc. You can enter in various competitions making you eligible to win some goodies and discount on apps.

Download Xperia Privilege App Version 2.0 Apk Update

Xperia Privilege App Version 2.0 Details

  • App Size – 717 KB
  • Android Required – 2.1+
  • Memory Consumed – 1.46 MB
  • Version – 2.0
  • Avg. Rating – 3.4 ( May be due to because this app lists only promotional offers and many users are getting black screen error).

Xperia Privilege App Version 2.0 Memory details

How to Install Xperia Privilege App Version 2.0 on all Xperia Phones ?

As mentioned by Sony in the listing that Xperia Privilege App Version 2.0 is available for all Xperia users but when we tried this app on our Xperia SL we got a black screen only with no promotional offers listed.

Xperia Privilege App Version 2.0 Black Screen on Xperia SL

This may be due to the limitation of app in only selected countries. If you want to use this app on your Xperia phones, follow the steps given below :-

Some popular supported Phones for Xperia Privilege App Version 2.0 :- Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia T, Xperia TX, Xperia Tipo, Xperia Tipo Dual, Xperia V, Xperia E, Xperia E Dual, Xperia SL, Xperia S, Xperia Ion, Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia J, Xperia Sola, Xperia Go, Xperia Neo L.

Download Xperia Privilege Apk Version 2.0 from Google Play officially, if you are not able to download from Google Play, use the given below manual download link.

Download I 717 KB

Download Xperia Privilege Apk Vserion 2.0 I 717 KB

[ UPDATE – 17/05/2013 ] Xperia Privilege app has been updated to Version 2.1 now, you can download the latest from given below link or from Google Play.

Xperia Privilege App Version 2.1 Details

  • App Size – 1.17 MB
  • Android Required – 2.1+
  • Memory Consumed – 1.95 MB
  • Version – 2.1
  • Avg. Rating – 3.5 ( May be due to because this app lists only promotional offers and many users are getting black screen error).

Download Version 2.1 I 717 KB

Download Xperia Privilege Apk Version 2.1 I 717 KB

  1. Install the above downloaded Xperia Privilege Apk. Run it. ( You can download both Version 2.0 and 2.1 anyone you like ).
  2. As soon as you run it, it will ask you to accept TOS, do it and proceed further.
  3. If you see a black screen only like with no promotional offers listed, then it must be because it has no offers in your country. To see them go to “Settings > General Settings > Setting of Country/Language > Choose UK > English > Ok”. Now you will be able to see all promotional offers.

Xperia Privilege App Version 2.0 Update Settings

How to get Free £20/€25 Voucher on all Xperia Phones via Xperia Privilege App ?

[quote_center]Install Xperia Privilege App Apk on any Phone like Samsung, HTC by making below changes. Only Rooted Phones.[/quote_center]

Supposing now you have successfully installed Xperia Privilege Apk on your phone, as the Xperia Privilege app is supported by every Xperia smartphone but the promotional offer is only limited to Xperia Z only. So in order to get the Free £20/€25 Voucher on your Xperia handset, we need to do some editing in the build.prop file.

  1. Device must be rooted, if it is then proceed further. With the help of your file manager, navigate to /system/ and open the build.prop file.
  2. Now we are going to edit the build.prop file. Navigate to ro.product.model=<value> and ro.product.board=<value> and in place of <value>, we will add the value of Xperia Z which is to be put like Product Model = Xperia Z = C6603/C6602/SO-02E and Product Board = MSM8960.
  3. Now your build.prop file must be showing  ro.product.model=C6603 and ro.product.board=MSM8960.
  4. Reboot your phone and you are done.
  5. Open the Xperia Privilege app again and now you should see all promotional offers listed and your Free £20/€25 Voucher.

Say cheers on using the Free £20/€25 Voucher, now you are done with this, if you still are not able to see any promotions after doing above step then please wait, the Xperia Privilege App Version 2.0 will be unlocked with all promotional offers soon for all countries.

If you have been able to run this app do let us know does the free voucher offer worked on your phone also or not ? All comments are appreciated.

Xperia Recommender app Version 2.4.24 Update

Sony Xperia smartphone users are happy as Jelly Bean update is rolling out now days for all Xperia 2012 and 2013 handsets. As Sony is rolling new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware update, at the same time some stock apps in Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich are being updated. Recently we saw Xperia Recommender app Version 2.4.24 Update. Check the notification below.

Xperia Recommender Version 2.4.24 App Update

Go to update center of your phone and check for system app update option. You will see a notification for Xperia Recommender appupdate. It’s a small update of only 0.8 MB. Xperia Recommender app works similarly like Google Play Store and show all apps/games listed from Sony section which are recommended for Sony Xperia Users.

Xperia Recommender app Version 2.4.24 details

Version – 2.4.24
Size – 0.8 MB
Memory Details – 2.11 MB.

Xperia Recommender app Version 2.4.24

If you haven’t updated Xperia Recommender app yet, update it today. We got Xperia Recommender app update notification of our Xperia SL LT26ii on stock Android 4.0.4 ICS. It’s a wonderful app if you are not interested in visiting Google Play Store and checking out Sony section in it. See all recommended apps for Xperia in Xperia Recommender app. Feel free to ask any questions we will gladly help you. All comments are appreciated.

Xperia TX LT29i 9.1.B.0.411 Jelly Bean firmware Update

9.1.B.0.411 firmware is a stable release which has brought many new features and have updated many bug issues, though users are reporting some issues which have not been solved in it. Let’s get to the point, and now we will see how to get Xperia TX LT29i 9.1.B.0.411 Jelly Bean firmware update.

Update Xperia TX LT29i 9.1.B.0.411 firmware

Xperia TX LT29i 9.1.B.0.411 firmware update will be released globally so if you have got the notification in your country, update your Xperia TX via PC Companion or use Sony Update service. You can also update it manually via Xperia flashing tool.

Updating Xperia TX LT29i 9.1.B.0.411 firmware via PC Companion

Connect your Xperia TX LT29i to PC, if PC Companion is already installed on your PC it’s OK otherwise download from given below link and install it.

Download PC Companion Version: 2.10.136 (Prod 28) I 26.4 MB

Sony PC Companion_2.10.136_Web.exe

You will see a notification, do proceed as per the details shown in the notification.

Updating Xperia TX LT29i 9.1.B.0.411 firmware via PC Companion

Updating Xperia TX  LT29i 9.1.B.0.411 firmware Manually via Flashing Tool

Download the Xperia TX Lt29i 9.1.B.0.411 firmware ftf file for flashing.

Download LT29i_9.1.B.0.411_Global.ftf I 546 MB

As when done downloading, extract it and flash it via Xperia Flashing Tool. You can read official info from Sony on Flash Tool for Xperia. You can also download latest version of Xperia Flash Tool from given below link.

Download flashtool- I 107.46 MB

Flash the 9.1.B.0.411 firmware ftf file via above flashing tool. Your Xperia TX will be updated to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean version.

Xperia TX LT29i 9.1.B.0.411 firmware Detailed Review

Xperia TX LT29i 9.1.B.0.411 firmware Detailed Review

As seen till now some major updates have come round the corner in this new 9.1.B.0.411 firmware. Check below.

  1. Audio sound quality has been improved.
  2. Much smooth and stable version of Jelly Bean.
  3. Camera quality increased a lot with “Superior Auto Mode” included.
  4. Passcode bypassing of lockscreen in Xperia TX has not been resolved yet.

If you also find any more updated feature in 9.1.B.0.411 firmware do let us know. All comments are appreciated.