Install Xperia 10 Bootanimation on Xperia Devices

It has been a while since Sony introduced Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus and now Xperia 10 Bootanimation is available for download. Earlier today we shared Xperia 10 Theme.

You require a rooted Xperia device, running Android Pie with TWRP recovery installed to flash the Xperia 10 Bootanimation file. Kindly ensure to take a backup of your original file before flashing it.

Xperia 10 Bootanimation

Download Xperia 10 Bootanimation zip file from the link given below and flash it in recovery.


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via – XDA (shared by Pandemic)

Install Official Sony Xperia Touch bootanimation in 1080p Resolution

Sony’s new generation projector “Xperia Touch” has an ability to turn a flat surface into an interactive screen, allowing you to watch video content on screen as large as 80″, view your notes, etc. Now some apps and widgets from Sony Xperia Touch are available for download.

Today we are sharing Official Sony Xperia Touch bootanimation in 1080p Resolution for any android device. This bootanimation is exactly similar to current bootanimation found in Xperia devices except it is on black background.

Sony Xperia Touch Bootanimation

Download flashable Sony Xperia Touch bootanimation zip from below and flash it on your device. You need a rooted device with recovery installed.

Keep a backup of your current bootanimation file before flashing this one.


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via – XDA (shared by IgorEisberg)