Sony SRS-X11 speakers hands on pics – Elegant Compact design

Sony launched SRS-X11 portable Bluetooth speakers at CES 2015 which have not been released in so many markets around the world so far. Today we are sharing few Sony SRS-X11 hands on pics. Sony SRS-X11 speakers have small square-cube shape design, available in pink, blue, white, black & red color.

Sony SRS-X11 speakers have Bluetooth and NFC as connectivity options, allowing you to pair it with your smartphone to play music and receive calls. Sony SRS-X11 speakers are 61x61x61 mm in dimensions, output power 10W which is good seeing the size.

Sony SRS-X11 Speakers

Check out Sony SRS-X11 hands on pics (blue and pink speakers featured).

SRS-X11 Red Blue Speakers
SRS-X11 Hands On
SRS-X11 Blue and Red Speakers
SRS-X11 Speakers Hands On
Blue SRS-X11 Speakers Hands On
Red SRS-X11 Speakers Hands On
Sony SRS-X11 Speakers
Sony SRS-X11 Hands On
SRS-X11 Review

Sony SRS-X11 speakers specifications

Sony SRS-X11 speakers are priced at $96 (as seen on Sony site). They are listed on Amazon India but currently out of stock; stock available for $105 at Amazon UK (not available at Amazon International though).

Sony launched BSP60 speakers at MWC 2015, have a look at hands on pics here. Like the Sony SRS-X11 speakers, let us know. Drop your comments below.

Image Credits: Akira-ming