Sony h.ear go Wireless Speakers Design Video – Specifications to be out soon

A few hours left for Sony’s press conference at CES 2016 and it’s first announcement has come already. We will be seeing Sony’s new wireless speakers h.ear go at CES 2016.

Sony h.ear go Wireless Speakers will be launched in 4 colors viz. red, black, blue and yellow. As seen in the video, speakers are compatible with High-Resolution Audio.

Sony h.ear go Wireless Speakers Design Video

Check out the Sony h.ear go Wireless Speakers design video below.

Sony h.ear go Wireless Speakers
Sony h.ear go Speakers
Sony h.ear go Speakers
Sony h.ear go
Exact specifications of Sony h.ear go Wireless Speakers are unknown for the time being, but soon they will be out (most probably after the CES 2016 press conference).

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Source – CES 2016

Sony SRS-X11 speakers hands on pics – Elegant Compact design

Sony launched SRS-X11 portable Bluetooth speakers at CES 2015 which have not been released in so many markets around the world so far. Today we are sharing few Sony SRS-X11 hands on pics. Sony SRS-X11 speakers have small square-cube shape design, available in pink, blue, white, black & red color.

Sony SRS-X11 speakers have Bluetooth and NFC as connectivity options, allowing you to pair it with your smartphone to play music and receive calls. Sony SRS-X11 speakers are 61x61x61 mm in dimensions, output power 10W which is good seeing the size.

Sony SRS-X11 Speakers

Check out Sony SRS-X11 hands on pics (blue and pink speakers featured).

SRS-X11 Red Blue Speakers
SRS-X11 Hands On
SRS-X11 Blue and Red Speakers
SRS-X11 Speakers Hands On
Blue SRS-X11 Speakers Hands On
Red SRS-X11 Speakers Hands On
Sony SRS-X11 Speakers
Sony SRS-X11 Hands On
SRS-X11 Review

Sony SRS-X11 speakers specifications

Sony SRS-X11 speakers are priced at $96 (as seen on Sony site). They are listed on Amazon India but currently out of stock; stock available for $105 at Amazon UK (not available at Amazon International though).

Sony launched BSP60 speakers at MWC 2015, have a look at hands on pics here. Like the Sony SRS-X11 speakers, let us know. Drop your comments below.

Image Credits: Akira-ming

[ REVIEW ] Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker – Hands On

Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker made its first appearance at IFA 2014 event along with Sony SBH60 Stereo Bluetooth Headset, both being stylish Bluetooth powered accessories. It alone gives you wireless speaker functionality with superior audio and hands-free calling, compatible with a variety of Bluetooth powered smartphones/tablets.

It is available in white and black color priced at $125 ( including VAT )/ £79.99 / Rs 7728  from Clove UK. We tested it with our Xperia Z2, Xperia SP & Nexus 7 2013 with no hiccups experienced in connecting. Check out the hands on Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker review in below post or hop over to our friends at Soundwiz for an in-depth guide comparing the top Bluetooth speakers.

[ REVIEW ] Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker

Let’s take a closer look at Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker.

Sony Bluetooth Speaker BSP10 for Christmas

Box Contents

  • 1 Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker.
  • 1 micro USB cable for charging ( Model : EC450 )
  • Carrying pouch ( silver grey color ).

Sony BSP10 Speakers In Box Contents


  • Speaker Power : 5 W which is an improvement over Sony SRS-BTV5 which has 1.2 W speaker.
  • Bluetooth Profiles Supported : A2DP/AVRCP/HSP/HFP
  • Dimensions : 78 x 60 mm
  • Weight  300 grams

Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker – Profile

You can see Bluetooth and NFC logo on top of Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker and beside Bluetooth icon there is an LED which is lighted when the speaker is paired with any smartphone/tablet.

There is volume increase & decrease buttons ( in form of +/- icons ) and a button to receive/end calls beside which there is hole for inbuilt microphone.

Sony Bluetooth BSP10 Speaker Buttons

Take a closer look at web grill speaker wall.

Web Grill speaker wall in BSP10 speakers

FCC, Bluetooth, Wireless and other certifications mark at the bottom side of speaker.

Sony BSP10 Speakers FCC ratings and certifications

Power button and USB charging port shown in below pic.

Sony BSP10 speakers power button and USB port

Inside the USB port there is also an LED which glows during charging.

Sony BSP10 Speakers USB port

How to Pair it ?

It supports one connect pairing via Bluetooth & NFC. Press the power button for about 2-4 seconds on Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker, a white
LED glows on then pair it with your device/smartphone/tablet; once paired light green LED glows.

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You need Sony Smart Connect app to check the battery status of the speaker including music playback and standby time. Creating dedicated events functionality is alos available via Smart Connect app.

Bluetooth range is 10 meters for the speaker. If you leave it idle not connected to any device it goes in automatic power saving sleep mode.

Pair Sony BSP10 speakers

How to Pair Sony BSP10 speakers

Sony BSP10 Speakers Smart Connect App functions

Sony BSP10 Speakers pairing options

Charging/Playback Time

Charging Period

  • It took us around 1 hours and 35 minutes to charge it fully via 1.5 A Sony AC Adapter, which in Sony’s Smart Connect app shows 7 hours of music playback time and 24 days in standby. It can also be charged via PC.

Music Playback Period

  • Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker can play music for not more than 5 hours ( battery exhausts in b/w 4-5 hours of playback ).

How to Charge it ?

It supports charging via micro USB connector or via Qi Wireless plate ( use Sony’s WCH10 Wireless charging plate ). While charging via USB cable, red LED glows and once it is fully charged green LED glows beside USB connecting point.

How to charge Sony BSP10 speakers

Call Quality

Whenever a call comes, a dedicated ring tone is played via Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker, press the call button to pick up the call and press it again to end it.

Make sure whenever you are using it as hands free, increase the volume of speaker. One may need to speak a bit louder as inbuilt microphone seems not very much responsive wheres as caller’s incoming sound quality is good.

Music Playback quality

Music Playback quality is very good as compared to Sony SRS-BTV5 speaker. If you have connected it via Xperia device and playing music in Walkman app then under audio settings enable Clear Audio+ and Dynamic normaliser option for better sound.

Sony BSP10 speaker Audio Settings


  • Powerful speaker.
  • One touch pairing via NFC and Bluetooth.
  • Qi and USB charging.
  • Accept/End call facility available.
  • 360 degree speaker system.
  • Inbuilt microphone.
  • Charging / Pairing LED indicators.
  • Durable and strong built.
  • Automatic power saving sleep mode function.
  • Compatible with variety of Bluetooth enabled smartphones/tablets.
  • Compact in size.


  • No next/back track playback key on speaker.
  • Not waterproof ( like Sony  SRS-X1 &  SRS-X2 speakers ).

If you are looking to buy Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker, check out the listing at Clove UK ( both white and black colors variants ) available, shipping worldwide.


We have been using the Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker from past 1 week and it is simply awesome, a great improvement over SRS-BTV5 speaker and with calling facility and much powerful speaker makes it a better companion for your smartphone/tablet if you are looking for a wireless speakers in compact category.

Have you used Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker, let us know your views on it. Share your experience with us. Drop your comments below

Sony NFC Bluetooth Speaker SRS BTV5 FIFA limited edition launched – Hands on Pics

We all have heard about Sony NFC Bluetooth Speaker SRS BTV5 and that Sony is one of the official partner of FIFA World Cup 2014. From last year June we were seeing “FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014”  logo on every Sony Xperia handset’s box and we saw Sony Smart Watch SW2 exclusive FIFA edition wrist strap. Sony has now launched a limited edition of its another renowned accessory i.e. Sony NFC Bluetooth Speaker SRS BTV5.

Sony NFC Bluetooth Speaker SRS BTV5 FIFA limited edition has been launched by Sony in Yellow-Green color combination. We have not seen this limited edition speaker yet on Sony Online store but some Xperia stores have this speaker with them. We have grabbed some hands on pics of Sony NFC Bluetooth Speaker SRS BTV5 FIFA limited edition, lets have a look.

Sony NFC Bluetooth Speaker SRS BTV5 FIFA limited edition

Sony NFC Bluetooth Speaker SRS BTV5 FIFA limited edition

Check out the yellow green color flavor.

Sony NFC Bluetooth Speaker SRS BTV5 FIFA

Sony NFC Bluetooth Speaker SRS BTV5 FIFA



Sony SRS BTV5 FIFA speaker

Sony SRS BTV5 FIFA speaker price

Sony SRS BTV5 FIFA 2014

Sony SRS BTV5 FIFA 2014 Brasil

Sony SRS BTV5 FIFA 2014 Brasil World Cup

Sony SRS BTV5 FIFA 2014 edition

SRS BTV5 FIFA 2014 edition

SRS BTV5 FIFA 2014 speakers

SRS BTV5 FIFA 2014 speakers manual

SRS BTV5 FIFA 2014 speakers carrying pouch

SRS BTV5 FIFA 2014 speakers  pouch

Sony SRS BTV5 FIFA 2014 speakers  pouch

If you have managed to grab one Sony NFC Bluetooth Speaker SRS BTV5 FIFA limited edition, let us know. Drop your comments below.

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