Sony TrackID 4.6.B.0.8 app update rolling – UI tweaks & Bugs Fixed

Sony TrackID app got a stable release today in the form of 4.6.B.0.8 version over the beta 4.6.B.0.7 version. Stable app release follows the same changelog of previous beta update along with some more bugs fixing.

Sony TrackID 4.6.B.0.8 app update brings better memory handling and performance improvements along with some minor UI tweaks and bugs fixing. It is now possible to preview tracks from Album view.

Sony TrackID app

Download Sony TrackID app, 4.6.B.0.8 verison from the Play Store.

Download the TrackID 4.6.B.0.8 apk directly, if you haven’t got the update yet.

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Sony TrackID 4.0.B.7.0 Update – Issue with losing history fixed

Sony Music TrackID app has been updated to to newer version 4.0.B.7.0 from older 4.0.B.6.0 at Play Store which fixes the losing history bug as mentioned by Sony in the changelog. TrackID 4.0.B.7.0 update brings faster recognition speed, new UI, syncing feature of search history with Facebook and SEN account and support for Android Wear Sony SmartWatch 3 ( just like previous version )

TrackID 4.0.B.7.0 should work on all android device running android 4.1+ version, not sure about compatibility of this version for android 2.3 running Xperia devices.

TrackID 4.0.B.7.0 Update

Download the TrackID 4.0.B.7.0 app from below.

Download Xperia FIFA theme from Play Store

TrackID 4.0.B.6.0 apk

Download TrackID 4.0.B.6.0

SmartWatch 3 TrackID 4.0.B.6.0 app

If you haven’t got that update yet, download the apk manually from below link.

Download com.sonyericsson.trackid-2.apk

TrackID 4.0.B.7.0 Update

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