Xperia C4 Dual E5333 Cosmos pic leaks

Yesterday a pic of Xperia C4 in turquoise color leaked and today almost confirmation has come that Sony Cosmos is Xperia C4 with model number Sony E53XX. It is also believed that dual SIM variant of Xperia C4 will also be released with model number Sony E5333 and Type Number PM-0862-BV.

Xperia C4 Dual is codenamed as Sony Cosmos_DS. Xperia C4 Dual E5333 has been leaked in an alleged pic today (white color) showing the front panel of the device clearly. Earlier today @UpLeaks also leaked specifications of Sony E5503 (Xperia Lavender).

Xperia C4 Dual

Check out the leaked pic of Xperia C4 Dual.

White Xperia C4 Cosmos Pic Leaked

@UpLeaks confirms the model number of Xperia C4 Dual in a tweet made today.

We will keep you updated once more info comes in for Xperia C4. Drop your comments below.

Source – @UpLeaks