[ REVIEW ] Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds – With Magnetic Connectors

Skunk Juice is famous for making headphones and earphones with a unique patented magnetic technology that allows user to pair up more than 1 earphone with the same audio device so that audio sharing becomes easy and Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds is one of its kind. Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds is a special type of earphones pack which includes 4 earbuds allowing you to connect 2 separate earphones with the same connecting parent audio device.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds looks like usual earphone but it has magnetic connecting wires through which you connect to 3.5 mm headphone jack and a common magnetic connector allowing you to pair up more than 2 earphones. Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds costs $59.99, ships worldwide from US and available in white and black color.

A moment ago we posted preliminary review of Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones and now it’s turn of Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds ( tested with our Xperia Z1 and compatible with other Xperia smartphones ). Let’s see what’s so special about it.

[ REVIEW ] Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds

Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds comes in a small black-green box with a magnetic flip cover.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds Review

On back side of box, product’s pictorial representation is there.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Box
Skunk Juice FG-2 Package

Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds specifications

  • Speaker Diameter – 10 mm
  • Frequency Range – 20-20K Hz
  • Impedance – 16 Ohms
  • Length of cable –  105 cm
  • Plug Type –  3.5 mm 10 micron Gold Plated
  • Sensitivity – 101 ± 4 dB

2 Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds pairs are present inside the box.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Contents inside box

Inside the box there are 2 collar clips, a few white earbuds, manual, black color carrying pouch, Skunk Juice tattoos and a warranty / instructions manual.

2 Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds

Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds Details

Skunk Juice FG-2 Warranty Manual

Below you can see Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds in black color with white earbuds on.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds in black and white

A common magnetic connector is present in both Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds  so that they can be connected to one joint magnetic connector.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Magnetic connector

Close look of joint magnetic connector of Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Magnetic wire

Both Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds connected to joint magnetic connector for sharing.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Magnetic wire connector
Skunk Juice FG-2 Magnetic connector joint

Inline microphone is provided in each Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Microphone

Skunk Juice FG-2 Inline Microphone

Skunk Juice logo is embossed on each earphone.

Skunk Juice FG-2 Logo on earbuds
Skunk Juice FG-2 Logo

Threaded steel like mesh grill present inside over hearing speaker.

Skunk Juice FG-2 hearing speaker

3.5 mm headphone jack connectivity.

Skunk Juice FG-2 3.5 mm headphone jack connectivity

Magnetic connector is present at each end of 3.5 mm headphone connecting wire.

Skunk Juice FG-2 3.5 mm headphone


  • Pairs atleast 2 earphones very easily.
  • Inline microphone.
  • Sound and bass level is great.


  • Not much comfortable in ears.

Overall they are like normal earphones you see in market from other manufacturers but magnetic connecting wires through which you can pair more than 2 earphones pairs is simply awesome as now you don’t need a headphone jack split plug.

If you know any similar product like Skunk Juice FG-2 Earbuds which uses magnetic connecting wires, let us know. Like the above product or not, drop your comments below.

[ REVIEW ] Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones – With Magnetic Connectors

A few days back we came across a very unique type of headphone “Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones” which comes with a patented magnetic technology / connector allowing you to connect as many as 4 headphones so that you can share the same audio with 4 different persons. Skunk Juice has so many headphones listed on their product page and almost all comes with same magnetic connectors allowing you to make a chain of headphones for listening same audio.

Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones are over the ear type of headphones available in white-black color combination with adjustable grip band and ear phones with inbuilt speaker ( as usual ). Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones costs $59.99 inclusive of taxes, ships worldwide from USA. Let’s see what it has to offer us.

Today we have posted a preliminary review of Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones, tested with our Xperia Z1 and other Sony phones, working great with all devices.

[ REVIEW ] Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones

Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones comes in a nice black box.

Skunk Juice LS-100 HeadPhones Box

Product features and specifications mentioned on the back side of cover. Inside the box you will get 1 Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones and two magnetic connecting cables.

Skunk Juice LS-100 Box
Skunk Juice LS-100 Package

Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones Technical Specs

  • Speaker Diameter – 40 mm.
  • Frequency Range – 20-20K Hz.
  • Impedance – 32 Ohms.
  • Cable Length – 122 cm.
  • Plug Type – 3.5 mm Gold Plated.
  • Sensitivity – 114 dB

Skunk Juice LS-100 Specifications

After opening the package, headphones are like this ( ear phone folded upside down ).

Skunk Juice LS-100 White HeadPhones
Skunk Juice LS-100 Manual

Below you can see the small magnetic plug connector ( 12 cm in length ) and another bigger magnetic connector cable ( 110 cm in length ). Small cable is inserted in phone’s 3.5 mm headphone jack and then its magnetic end is connected to either of the big cable’s magnetic connector end.

Skunk Juice LS-100 Magnetic connectors

Magnetic connectors are provided at bottom of each ear phone of Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones.

Skunk Juice LS-100 Ear plugs
Skunk Juice LS-100 Ear Coushio

Adjustable Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones, both ear phone can be moved in circular motion.

Skunk Juice LS-100 Folded ear plugs

Soft rubber cushion with threaded speaker cloth. You can see the magnetic connecting wire attached to one end of ear phone.

Skunk Juice LS-100 Speaker design



Two magnetic connectors of both small and large connecting cable attached to each other.

Skunk Juice LS-100 Review

Adjustable over the ear grip can be seen below in black color ( outer layer of made up of same rubber cushion which is present in ear phone ).

Skunk Juice LS-100 Speaker

You can see below Skunk Juice, get hooked up tattoos.

Skunk Juice LS-100 Tattoos
Skunk Juice LS-100 manuals

As soon as you will plug in the Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones in any Sony Xperia smartphone, Smart Connect app will recognize the headphones.

Skunk Juice LS-100 Xperia Smart Connect app

Adjust the headset functions which you want to enable with Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones connectivity.

Skunk Juice LS-100 connectivity options

3.5 mm headphone connectivity.

Skunk Juice LS-100 3.5 mm headphone connectivity
Skunk Juice LS-100 with Xperia Walkman App


  • High Quality Sound
  • Clear loud sound with perfect bass
  • Comfortable ear phone cushions.
  • Can be connected to 4 headphones at a single time to form a chain.
  • Foldable earphones make easy to carry them.


  • No inline microphone

No specific demerit we found in Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones, as they come with magnetic connectors we will advise users not to pull the connecting wires with force to separate them, pull them gently or wire will come out of connector.

Overall Skunk Juice LS-100 Headphones are nice earphones, if you have ever used them or using any similar magnetic connector headphones then let us know. Do let us know your views regarding these headphones. Drop your comments below.