Sony Movie Creator 2.2.A.0.8 app update rolling

Sony Movie Creator app has got a new update in form of 2.2.A.0.8 version which brings access to more music on the cloud for videos. You can now start a manual movie highlight creation, no need to wait for automatic creation. You will get a notification also when an automatic highlight video is ready for creation.

Movie Creator 2.2.A.0.8 app is rolling as an OTA update via Sony Update Center app. It is confirmed rolling for Xperia “Z” series handsets, we got on our Xperia Z2.

Movie Creator 2.2.A.0.8

Download Movie Creator 2.2.A.0.8 apk from below if you haven’t got the update yet.

Download SomcMovieCreatorRmm.apk

Movie Creator 2.2.A.0.8

Movie Creator 2.2.A.0.8 apk

Movie Creator 2.2.A.0.8 app

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Thanks for the tip, Ben!