Sony Lifelog 2.0.A.0.12 app updated

Sony has updated its Lifelog app to newer version 2.0.A.0.12 which adds support for transport and cycling activities now. Sony Lifelog app is an add-on app for Sony SmartBand SWR10 which shows a detailed catalog for your daily activities. Lifelog 2.0.A.0.12 app update is available over Play Store for all devices.

Lifelog 2.0.A.0.12 app update allows you to delete your activity list now. You can edit and delete single activity. Male and female avatar options are enabled. Cycling and transport activity feature is exclusive for Xperia devices only, total 14 activities are present now in dashboard.

Lifelog 2.0.A.0.12 app

Download Lifelog 2.0.A.0.12 app from below Play Store link.

Download Xperia FIFA theme from Play Store

Sony Lifelog 2.0.A.0.12

Lifelog 2.0.A.0.12 app

Download  Lifelog 2.0.A.0.12 app 

If you are not able to download Lifelog 2.0.A.0.12 app from Play Store then download it manually using below link.

Download com.sonymobile.lifelog-1.apk

Lifelog 2.0.A.0.12 apk

If you have updated your Lifelog app already let us know is transportation activity working as mentioned. Drop your comments below.

Thanks Rimas 🙂