Install Xperia 10 Bootanimation on Xperia Devices

It has been a while since Sony introduced Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus and now Xperia 10 Bootanimation is available for download. Earlier today we shared Xperia 10 Theme.

You require a rooted Xperia device, running Android Pie with TWRP recovery installed to flash the Xperia 10 Bootanimation file. Kindly ensure to take a backup of your original file before flashing it.

Xperia 10 Bootanimation

Download Xperia 10 Bootanimation zip file from the link given below and flash it in recovery.


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via – XDA (shared by Pandemic)

Avengers Bootanimation in HD for Android smartphones

Today we are sharing Avengers Bootanimation in HD for Android smartphones. It is compatible with all android devices with resolution 1080×1920.

If has a fluctutating black and white background having Avengers logo in between. You need a rooted android device to install the bootanimation.

Avengers Bootanimation for Android 

Download the bootanimation zip file. Rename it to “” after downloading. Take a backup of your present bootanimation file and then go to /systsem/media and replace the file here (with the downloaded one).

Avengers Boot Animation

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via – XDA (shared by chitshiv)