Install BlackBerry Priv Launcher on Lollipop devices

Earlier today we shared BlackBerry Priv keyboard app for Lollipop running Android devices and now we are sharing BlackBerry Priv Launcher app for all Android devices. We tested it on Xperia Z5 and it works great.

BlackBerry Priv launcher works on Android devices running Android 5.0+ Lollipop (non-rooted devices included). To install BlackBerry Priv launcher, you also need to install BlackBerry Priv Services app.

BlackBerry Priv Launcher

Download BlackBerry Priv Services and Launcher app from below links. (To make launcher work, first install BlackBerry Priv Services app).

BlackBerry Priv Services, download here.

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BlackBerry Priv Launcher, download here (version 1.0.03861).

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Source – XDA (shared by Xaiux)

Install BlackBerry Priv Keyboard on Lollipop running devices

BlackBerry entered Android smartphone market by introducing “BlackBerry Priv”, its first Android smartphone (with slider keyboard). BlackBerry is trying to regain its status in the smartphone industry by adapting to Android, it seems.

As BlackBerry Priv is out, so its various apps have been ported for other Android smartphones. Today we are sharing BlackBerry Priv keyboard. It is compatible with Android 5.0+ Lollipop running devices only. We tested it on Xperia Z5 and it worked great.

BlackBerry Priv Keyboard

Download BlackBerry Priv Keyboard from given below link. Install like a normal apk on non-rooted handsets (BlackBerry Priv keyboard version attached below).

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Download com.blackberry.keyboard_1.0.1.3168_V5_patched.apk

BlackBerry Priv Keyboard   Download BlackBerry Priv Keyboard   Install BlackBerry Priv Keyboard   BlackBerry Priv Keyboard For Xperia

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Source – XDA (shared by Xaiux, ronniem88)