Which Cryptocurrency has the highest volatility?

Cryptocurrency remains an emerging market that is gaining rapid popularity among the masses. Despite luring millennials to invest and explore the endless possibilities that it comes bearing to the world of economy, it remains highly volatile. Cryptocurrency trading essentially thrives on speculation. Moreover, its ever-evolving technology makes the coins more volatile to sudden gains and setbacks.

Bitcoin being the most popular cryptocurrency has shown a steep growth over the last 5 years, making people’s investment go to the moon. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Dogecoin, Ripple, etc have shown great growth momentum in price range recently.

What is Cryptocurrency Volatility?

The cryptocurrency market mirrors that of stocks and other investments. It is commanded by the same laws of demand and supply. Therefore, cryptocurrency volatility measures how the value of coins oscillate over time depending on various factors like its market size, liquidity, and speculation

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Generally, currencies with extreme price swings are highly volatile currencies, offering avenues to earn higher profits. Currencies on the lower volatility investments often result in smoother returns with low-risk involvement.

Cryptocurrency with Highest Volatility

Nearly all cryptocurrencies reflect a certain degree of volatility. Still, Bitcoin takes the crown by being the highest volatile of the lot. It was the first entrant into the crypto market, and its trading history stands witness to its volatility.

In April 2021, Bitcoin reached a trading record-high at $65,000 but crashed the next month itself. Despite remaining below the trading value of $30,000, it skyrocketed again to $45,000 in the month of July the same year. As of writing this article, Bitcoin is being traded at $61,100. This rapid swinging of prices within a short time frame makes Bitcoin the most volatile in the market. Apart from being synonymous with ‘cryptocurrency’ and being a constant anchor of speculations, Bitcoin is also one of the most traded currencies that supplements its volatility index. 

Since it was also the first cryptocurrency to be launched in the market, traders generally refer to Bitcoin as a standard to evaluate all the other coins. Its exponential growth and massive popularity among investors make Bitcoin the highest volatile coin. 

Bitcoin Equaliser

While the sudden jumps in the valuation of Bitcoin may have benefited a few, many traders also lost their valuable investments due to the high cryptocurrency volatility and its repercussions on the market. Although cryptocurrency offers a lucrative platform to make money from the comfort of your personal space, it is also essential to keep an eye out for reliable platforms that can safeguard you against losses and boost your profits at the right time. 

Bitcoin Equaliser is an automated trading software that makes the trading process simpler and lures more investors into the cryptocurrency sector. The software’s algorithm takes care of the strenuous task of trading and speculating on behalf of the traders to ensure profits.  Equipped to perform technical and fundamental analysis of the market, the Bitcoin Equaliser gathers all the data and emerging trends in the trading sector to help invest in the most promising avenues. 

In Conclusion 

The ever-rising demand and increasing speculation by prominent investors anchor Bitcoin as the highest volatile cryptocurrency in the market. While volatility is crucial for a thriving financial market, apps like the Bitcoin Equaliser aid in taking the risk edge out of the equation. The app promises to offer its patrons a smooth and profitable user experience by providing the best of features and functions in the market.