Sony launched Xperia X Performance (SOV33) on au by KDDI in Japan

Sony Mobile Japan has introduced Xperia X Performance (SOV33) on au by KDDI in Japan today. It is expected to hit Japanese markets in mid-June 2016 this year.

It features similar specifications like global variant of Xperia Performance except a lower battery size i.e. 2570 mAh. Sony has also introduced Full Window Style Cover SCR56, priced at 5480 Yen ($50) (excluding taxes), Flip Style Cover SBC58, priced at 4480 Yen ($41) (excluding taxes), Style Cover SBC30, priced at 3480 Yen ($31) (excluding taxes) and Style Cover SBC28, priced at 2480 Yen ($22) (excluding taxes).

Xperia X Performance (SOV33)

Check out Sony Xperia Performance for au by KDDI videos and pics below.

Xperia X Performance (SOV33) Launcher

Xperia X Performance (SOV33) on au by KDDI in Japan

Xperia X Performance (SOV33) Price in Japan

Xperia X Performance (SOV33) Camera Review

Xperia X Performance (SOV33) Water Proof

If more changes in Xperia X Performance (SOV33) are being noticed, we will keep you updated.

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Source – Sony Mobile Japan

Xperia Z4 SOV31 launched for au by KDDI in Japan

A day back Xperia Z4 SO-03G, Xperia Z4 Tablet SO-05G and Xperia A4 SO-03G were launched for NTT DoCoMo in Japan and today for au by KDDI, Xperia Z4 SOV31 and Xperia Z4 Tablet SOT31 are launched exclusively. Xperia Z4 SOV31 is launched in white, black, copper and aqua green color, to be available for purchase from mid-July this year.

Xperia Z4 SOV31 weighs 144 grams and is 6.9mm thin with 5.2″ FHD Display (1920 x 1080 resolution, no 2K) packed in an aluminum frame with glass back. Xperia Z4 SOV31 features Snapdragon 810 64 bit Octa core processor (2 GHz) with 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage (with micro SD card support). It features 20.7 MP camera 25mm wide-angle, 1 / 2.3 inch size sensor (ISO 12800). It features 5.1 MP front camera (25mm wide-angle). Xperia Z4 SOV31 features 2930 mAh battery (which is less as compared to Xperia Z3 & Xperia Z2)

Xperia Z4 SOV31

Check out the official photo gallery of Xperia Z4 SOV31 below.

Xperia Z4 SOV31 launched in Japan

Xperia Z4 SOV31 in White color

Xperia Z4 SOV31 in Black color

Xperia Z4 SOV31 in Copper Color

Xperia Z4 SOV31 in Aqua Green color

Xperia Z4 SOV31 Price in Japan

Xperia Z4 SOV31 lauched in Japan for au by KDDI

Xperia Z4 SOV31 Hands On

White Xperia Z4 SOV31 ands On

Xperia Z4 vs Xperia Z3 Thickness

Xperia Z4 SOV31 Specifications

Xperia Z4 SOV31 Official Video Promo

Xperia Z4 hands on pics here.

Xperia Z4 hands on videos here.

Xperia Z4 vs Xperia Z3 Design comparison here.

For the time being it is not clear whether Xperia Z4 will come to global markets or not but rumors say that Xperia Z4 might hit Verizon in USA. Xperia Z3+ was mentioned in one of Sony’s official document, so Sony might release Xperia Z3+ as a global variant of Xperia Z4 (just a speculation).

Would you like to see a global variant of Xperia Z4, let us know. Drop your comments below.

Source – Sony Japan

Xperia Z Ultra SOL24 Announced for Au by KDDI for 78120 Yen / $784

Earlier today in morning we saw Sony officially announcing the min-tablet version in Japan in form of Xperia Z Ultra Wi-Fi Tablet SGP412 for 51800 Yen / $497 to be available by 24 Jan 2014 in 3 color variants black, white and purple. It is first Snapdragon 800 SoC powered tablet from Sony yet which has its flagship water and dust resistant features. As far as accessories are concerned Sony has also announced a new Sony magnetic charging dock DK33 especially for this new tablet for 2700 yen / $26.

We just spotted that Xperia Z Ultra SOL24 is now officially announced by Sony for AU by KDDI 4G network carrier. Xperia Z Ultra SOL24 features Snapdragon 800 SoC, Adreno 330 GPU, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB on board memory, 8 MP ear cam with IR blaster also added. Xperia Z Ultra SOL24 retains the water and dust resistant features as seen in original Xperia Z Ultra C68XX variants.

Xperia Z Ultra SOL24

Xperia Z Ultra SOL24 will be launched with android 4.2.2 just like Xperia Z Ultra Tablet Wi-Fi SGP412, we wonder why not Sony rolling directly with android 4.3 ! Au by KDDI is branding is seen at the back panel of Xperia Z Ultra SOL24.

Xperia Z Ultra SOL24 Black

Xperia Z Ultra SOL24 Price

On new contract as lump-um payment Xperia Z Ultra SOL24 is priced at 78120 yen / $784, while other plans are also available with respect to data charges.

Xperia Z Ultra SOL24 is available in 3 colors black, white and purple and is available for sale from online stores of KDDI from 25 Jan 2014.

Xperia Z Ultra SOL24 Announced for Au by KDDI for 78120 Yen

So as of today two new handsets launched in Japan from Sony, we hope to see Xperia Z1 Compact also on some carrier network soon.

Well users are willing to buy Xperia Z Ultra SOL24, let us know are you satisfied with the price or you want to consider some other device especially Xperia Z Ultra Wi-Fi tablet now. Drop your comments below.