Sony Walkman 8.3.A.0.7 app update rolling

Sony has updated their media app Walkman to version 8.3.A.0.7 from previous  8.3.A.0.5 version which was also a bug fixing update over original new UI based Walkman  8.3.A.0.2 app update. Walkman 8.3.A.0.7 app update is confirmed on all Xperia handsets running android 4.3+ version like Xperia Z2, Xperia Z1, Z Ultra, Z, ZL, ZR, SP, T, V etc.

Walkman 8.3.A.0.7 app update is rolling as an OTA update via Update Center app. Walkman 8.3.A.0.7 app update  is yet another bug fixing update from Sony which enhances performance and fixes some bugs related to volume. If you haven’t got Walkman 8.3.A.0.7 app update yet then you can manually download the file from below mentioned link and install it like a normal apk.

You do not need root to install Walkman 8.3.A.0.7 app update.

Download Walkman 8.3.A.0.7 app update 


Walkman 8.3.A.0.7 app update

If you have already got Walkman 8.3.A.0.7 app update on your phone let us know what major changes you noticed in terms of improvement in the app. Drop your comments below.