Sony Album 6.3.A.0.10 update rolling – Select all, Hide pictures option added

Sony has updated its Album app to newer version 6.3.A.0.10 which we recently spotted in Xperia Z3. Sony Album 6.3.A.0.10 update  brings much awaited option “hide pictures from the grid and top area” and “select all pictures option” added. Update is confirmed on Xperia “Z” series handsets, Xperia L, Xperia SP etc.

Sony Album 6.3.A.0.10 update brings rotation feature in PlayMemories Online content and other bug fixes and performance enhancement. Update is only available as OTA update in the update center app.

Sony Album 6.3.A.0.10 update

Update site 14.4 MB.

Album 6.3.A.0.10 update

Album 6.3.A.0.10 apk

Download Sony Album 6.3.A.0.10 update 

If you haven’t got the Sony Album 6.3.A.0.10 update yet then download the apk from below and install it like a normal apk. It is confirmed working on non rooted android 4.2+ device.

Download SemcAlbum6.3.A.0.10.apk

Download Album 6.3.A.0.10

Many users who have updated to this Album app version are complaining of screen flashing on the app, are you facing it also ? Let us know. Drop your comments below.

Install Xperia Z3 Live Wallpaper, Home 7.0.A.0.14 on NON ROOTED devices

Xperia Z3 system dump is out now and so many ports like Xperia Z3 experience flow wallpapers, Xperia Z3 Live wallpaper, Xperia Z3 Home launcher, Xperia Z3 System Media apps have been out for rooted Xperia users while no port cam for non rooted users till yesterday. We just noticed that a few Xperia Z3 apps have been ported for NON ROOTED Xperia users also now.

NON ROOTED Xperia users can now install Xperia Z3 live wallpaper, Xperia Z3 Home, Xperia Z3 media apps like Album, Walkman, Movies. Xperia Z3 Calendar and calculator have also been ported.

Xperia Z3 apps for non rooted Xperia devices

Download the below posted .zip file. Extract it.

Go to Live Wallpapers folder > Install all the apks. Open the HD Wallpapers folder > Copy all wallpapers on your Xperia device. Go to Media Apps folder > Install Album, Movies and Walkman app.

[ UPDATE 31/05/2015 ] Download Xperia Z4 / Xperia Z3+ Live Wallpaper here.

UPDATE : Version 2 contains more Xperia Z3 apps for non rooted devices.

Download [ LINK UPDATED ]



Download Xperia Z3 Live Wallpaper

Xperia Z3 Home 7.0.A.0.14 for NON ROOTED Devices

Install below apk on your device and go to settings > Xperia Home > Clear Data ( Essential to do ). Confirmed working on Android 4.2+ handsets.

Download XperiaZ3Home-no-root.apk

Download Clock-no-root.apk [ NEW Widget ]

Xperia Z3 Home 7.0.A.0.14 version

Let us know if above apps works on your non rooted Xperia device. Drop your comments below.

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