Xperia XZ Android 7.1.1 41.2.A.2.199 firmware update rolling

Sony Mobile has rolled Android 7.1.1 update for Xperia XZ  (and Xperia X Performance) in the form of 41.2.A.2.199 firmware. Android 7.1.1 41.2.A.2.199 firmware update is confirmed rolling in regions like UK (Vodafone), Russia, Germany, Hungary (Telenor).

41.2.A.2.199 firmware update is available for both Xperia XZ F8331 and F8332 (in regions like India, MEA, Algeria (GNT Telecom), Philippines, Myanmar.

Xperia XZ 41.2.A.2.199 firmware update

41.2.A.2.199 firmware update is available as OTA, size 568 MB.

[UPDATE] Xperia X Performance Android 7.1.1 41.2.A.2.199 firmware update rolling, Check here.

Xperia XZ gets April Android Security Patch in android 7.1.1 41.2.A.2.199 firmware update along with other native android 7.1.1 features.

41.2.A.2.199 firmware details

  • Kernel Version: 3.18.31-perf-gf375602-03292-gcc08f5c
  • Baseband Verson: 8996-8996.gen.prodQ-00063-21
  • Android Version: 7.1.1 Nougat

We will soon post the detailed changelog and 41.2.A.2.199 firmware ftf for manual flashing.

If you have already updated your Xperia XZ on latest 41.2.A.2.199 firmware, let us know your views on it, noticed any major changes? Drop your comments below.

Image Credits: Marinko Agic