How to enable Fingerprint Scanner on Xperia XZs US variant Sony G8232

Sony Mobile has already started selling Xperia XZs (Sony G8232) in US but as you all know fingerprint scanner is disabled on the US variant of the device. Xperia XZs Dual Unlocked is available in USA for $619 from Amazon – compatible with GSM/LTE carriers.

If you are looking to enable fingerprint scanner on Xperia XZs US variant i.e. Sony G8232 then you just have to flash any global/customized firmware of the region where fingerprint scanner is enabled and it doesn’t void warranty also as flashing doesn’t require root.

How to enable Fingerprint Scanner on Xperia XZs US variant?

Step 1: Enabling Sony G8232 in Flashtool

Download Flashtool version from here.

Flastool’s latest version doesn’t have Sony G8232 in the list. To enable it, follow the steps given below:

Download G82XX.rar

After downloading, extract it, you will now have a “folder G82XX“.

Now open latest version of flashtol which you have downloaded. Once all scripts are loaded, you will see: Loaded 94 devices.

Now copy the “folder G82XX” to %userprofile%\.flashTool\devices (copy this to “RUN”).

Now open flashtool, click: Device – Manage – Import,  you will see: Loaded 95 devices.

Step 2: Download Xperia XZs 41.2.A.0.219 firmware

Download the latest version of Xperia XZs 41.2.A.0.219 firmware from below mentioned link.

CDA: 1307-8533 | Region: Customized IN | 41.2.A.0.219-R6D

Download G8232_1307-8533_41.2.A.0.219-R6D_Customized_IN.ftf

Step 3: Flashing

While flashing ftf on your device, you may get notice “INFO – No matching loader found” or “WARN – No loader found or set manually. Skipping loader“.

Flashtool will popup using 41.fsc > click YES. If it doesn’t help, restart your system, reinstall flashtool and drivers and reperform the whole process.

As soon as the new 41.2.A.0.219 firmware is flashed on your Sony G8232, you will find fingerprint manager enabled on your Xperia XZs US variant.

Let us know if you are able to enable fingerprint scanner on your Xperia XZs US variant. Drop your comments below.

Tutorial by XuanDinh (XDA)