Xperia C 16.0.B.2.13 firmware Android 4.2.2 update – Battery Bug Fixed

A long time back in Jan 2014 Sony rolled the very first firmware update for Xperia C in form of 16.0.B.2.6 firmware and now Sony has rolled a new 16.0.B.2.13 firmware update for Xperia C which keeps Xperia C on same android 4.2.2 version, minor big fixing update only which changes build from 16.0.B.2.6 to 16.0.B.2.13.

16.0.B.2.13 firmware update has been confirmed over PC Companion and SUS while an O.TA notification for 16.0.B.2.13 firmware is not seen yet. To update to 16.0.B.2.13 firmware, connect your Xperia C to PC Companion and look for a notification as shown below, then proceed as per on screen instructions.

[ UPDATE – 2 April ] How to install CWM recovery on Xperia C ?

Xperia C Android 4.2.2 16.0.B.2.13 firmware update confirmed in regions like Bangladesh, Indonesia, not seen in India yet.

Xperia C 16.0.B.2.13 PC Companion update

Xperia C 16.0.B.2.13 firmware details below.

Xperia C 16.0.B.2.13 firmware

Xperia C 16.0.B.2.13 firmware software info.

Phone Software version – 1275_5177-16.0.B.2.13 ( WORLD-i_16.0.B.2.13 ), Cust. Nr. – 1276-5957_R7A

Xperia C 16.0.B.2.13 firmware software info

Xperia C 16.0.B.2.13 firmware changelog

  • Abnormal decrease in battery % bug fixed.
  • RAM management improved.
  • More smooth UI and launcher.
  • Camera improved a bit. Front cam quality same like before.
  • Proximity sensor bug fixed.

Download Xperia C 16.0.B.2.13 firmware ftf

Download C2305_16.0.B.2.13_Generic World.ftf
[ via XDA user TacoNikky ]

If you have already updated your Xperia C on 16.0.B.2.13 firmware then let us know. Drop your comments below with the bugs still facing and your changelog.

Thanks Banglar 🙂