Xperia L 15.3.A.1.16 firmware update rolling on Orange carrier in Europe

A few days back we spotted Xperia L 15.3.A.1.16 firmware getting posted on Sony’s open source archive page and now Xperia L 15.3.A.1.16 firmware has started hitting Orange carrier users across Europe. 15.3.A.1.16 firmware is already confirmed on Orange carrier in France, Spain and Slovak Republic. 15.3.A.1.16 firmware is not spotted on regular variants of Xperia L yet anywhere.

15.3.A.1.16 firmware is an update over previous 15.3.A.1.14 firmware and still keeps Xperia L on android 4.2.2 version. Sony has officially updated low end Xperia M to android 4.3 and Xperia L is still stuck on android 4.2.2. Sony has not mentioned Xperia L name yet for KitKat update but we do expect Sony will roll directly android 4.4.2 KitKat update on Xperia L skipping android 4.3 just like the case seen with Xperia SP.

Xperia L 15.3.A.1.16 firmware update about phone details below.

As per one user Xperia L 15.3.A.1.16 firmware update is of 697 MB in size and is merely a bug fixing update over previous version. An interesting feature is added in the update that now the operator’s name is displayed in the status bar of the Xperia L.

Xperia L 15.3.A.1.16 firmware Orange carrier

Download Xperia L 15.3.A.1.16 firmware ftf

Below mentioned file is especially for Xperia L Orange carrier so do not cross flash it on regular Xperia L devices.

Download c2105_15.3.A.1.16 1273-8141 R4B_ORANGE SK.ftf

If any other carrier user also have got this 15.3.A.1.16 firmware update then do let us know. Drop your comments below.

via – Xperia L FB page user Sándor Jurászik