Xperia SP Android 4.3 12.1.A.0.256 firmware Screenshots Leaked

Yesterday we saw a new android 4.3 12.1.A.0.256 firmware was certified for Xperia SP on PTCRB over previous certified 12.1.A.0.253  firmware build and just now XDA legendary developer DooMLoRD has posted screenshots of Xperia SP android 4.3 12.1.A.0.256 firmware which is about to get released soon in upcoming days officially. Well to be very clear let us tell you that only screenshots have been leaked so don’t ask for system dump or 12.1.A.0.256 firmware ftf for the time being.

Android 4.3 12.1.A.0.256 firmware brings the same taste of android 4.3 as what Xperia Z1 and other Xperia Z series member got, it means Xperia SP is about to get the same UI and other apps similar to what Xperia Z1 users have on their android 4.3 firmware update. Both Xperia SP C5302 and C5303/C5306 will get this same update.

[ UPDATE – 11 FEB ]

Xperia SP 12.1.A.0.266 firmware Android 4.3 Rolling Now Officially – Install it / Flash it manually.


Download Android 4.3 Leaked ROM for Xperia SP 12.1.A.0.256 firmware and Xperia T 9.2.A.0.278 firmware – Need to Unlock bootloader to install

[ UPDATE – 9 JAN ]

Xperia T LT30p Android 4.3 9.2.A.0.278 firmware Screenshots Leaked

Xperia SP android 4.3 12.1.A.0.256 firmware Leaked Screenshots

Xperia SP gets new “white UI” on android 4.3 12.1.A.0.256 firmware and a new Sony Smart Camera app with cool “Xperia” Themes. Xperia SP will be coming directly from android 4.1.2 when it officially lands on it in a few days.

Xperia SP Android 4.3 12.1.A.0.256 firmware Screenshots Leaked

  We made a bit of changelog as per the screenshots and what “DoomLoRD” posted.

  • White UI exactly like Xperia Z1 android 4.3.
  • New Sony Smart Camera app.
  • New Media apps.
  • New Xperia Themes, downloadable content.
  • New Message app with left hand keyboard settings.
  • New Xperia Wallpapers.
  • New Xperia Home launcher.
  • More Free RAM. Total 839 MB of RAM is available now.
  • Does Camera quality improved ? NO word can be said until it get officially updated.
  • Smooth UI, project butter at its best.
  • No X-Reality for Mobile, still Bravia Engine 2 included.
  • Security Fixes.
  • Smooth and enhanced Graphical Experience.
  • Magnification gesture settings.
  • Day Dream screensaver option.
  • Touch Screen responsive more.
  • Glove and Stamina mode present as like in previous firmwares
  • No option to move apps to SD card.

Do note that this is a leak from an internal testing firmware so in final version may be somethings are removed or added. Like it Xperia SP users ? Drop your views on above screenshots, do you like the white UI or want old black UI back ? It is a matter of some time only that it will officially being rolled on Xperia SP hopefully with very less number of bugs.

New Android 4.3 12.1.A.0.256 firmware Certified for Xperia SP again

Sony Xperia SP users are furious over Sony for delaying android 4.3 update, back in December we saw android 4.3 12.1.A.0.253 firmware being certified for all variants of Sony Xperia SP and then later an alleged about phone screenshot from android 4.3 12.1.A.0.252 firmware was leaked. When we asked Sony Xperia support on Twitter that what is the progress with android 4.3 update for Xperia SP, thy replied “work is still in progress“.

Well it seems Sony is rectifying some major bugs from previous certified firmware as again a new Android 4.3 12.1.A.0.256 firmware has been certified for Sony Xperia SP on PTCRB website. It seems the final android 4.3 build for Xperia SP and should come soon now.

[ UPDATE – 15 Jan ]

12.1.A.0.256 firmware Certification has been removed from PTCRB site now for the time being.

UPDATE – 9 Dec ]

Xperia SP Android 4.3 12.1.A.0.256 firmware Screenshots Leaked – New White UI, Sony Smart Camera App and Xperia Themes

Check below the certification of Android 4.3 12.1.A.0.256 firmware on PTCRB website for all version of Xperia SP viz. C5302, C5303, C5306.

New Android 4.3 12.1.A.0.256 firmware Certified for Xperia SP again

At present Sony Xperia SP is on android 4.1.2 firmware and has many serious bugs like poor camera quality, battery and heating issues etc.

It is expected that Xperia SP will get same UI just like Xperia Z and other family members got in their android 4.3 firmware update. It should be now the matter of some days that this Android 4.3 12.1.A.0.256 firmware goes live for Xperia SP. Drop your comments Xperia SP users, are you satisfied with Sony’s policy is delaying updates over and over.