Sony SmartWatch 2 1.0.B.4.154/1.0.A.4.11 firmware rolling

Sony SmartWatch 2 has got a new minor bug fixing update in form of 1.0.B.4.154/1.0.A.4.11 firmware. A few days back we saw major 1.0.B.4.152/1.0.A.4.11 firmware update rolling which brought changes like customisable watch faces, wallpapers, calculators; improved Facebook and Gmail apps, notification drawer, Bluetooth connect/disconnect vibration settings.

Many SmartWatch 2 users were complaining regarding poor touch response and new 1.0.B.4.154/1.0.A.4.11 firmware update seems fixing the issue along with better tap 2 wake up functionality. Bluetooth connection pairing is also stable on new 1.0.B.4.154/1.0.A.4.11 firmware on SmartWatch 2. SmartWatch 2 SW2 app on Google Play Store has also been updated.

Below you can see the 1.0.B.4.154/1.0.A.4.11 firmware about SmartWatch details.

1.0.B.4.154/1.0.A.4.11 firmware SmartWatch 2

 If you have also updated your SmartWatch 2 on new 1.0.B.4.154/1.0.A.4.11 firmware, let us know what changes you noticed. Are you still facing any more bugs.

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via – XDA