Social media trends related to video slots

Online slots games are by far the most popular gambling games on the planet in the 21st century. If you play them, you form part of a multi-billion-pound industry that shows no sign of slowing down. The iGaming industry and the gambling sector are financial giants and with the money that cycles around the industry, the content just keeps getting better and better.

However, with all this money involved, it’s easy to assume that slots require money to play all the time. Many people forget that there are new forms of online slots available where you don’t even need any money to play – visit the link now.

This brings us on to social media slots, which are becoming more and more popular.

Why play social media slots?

Firstly, let’s establish exactly why social media slots exist. After all, what was wrong with the good “old-fashioned” online casino?

Social media slots are perfect for gamblers who are looking for a more sociable slots experience, especially if they are not looking to actually spend any money. What’s more, the main demographic of users for social media slots are actually people that live in countries where online gambling is still illegal. This is because social media slots aren’t technically classed as gambling due to the lack of money involved in the play.

Key social media trends with video slots

If we’re going to start at square one regarding how social media and video slots are linked, everything begins with increasing customer numbers. It’s getting people through the door. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all play a key role here.

Paid advertising and sharing the latest promotions is the main way to convince people to give a particular site a try. Offers posted on social media can be tracked by “click-counting” to see how successful they have been in converting clicks into new users.

Because funneling potential users to complete the sign-up stage isn’t always fruitful, online casinos need one final piece of bait. This is where the “welcome package” comes into play.

These welcome packages will use offers like “no deposit bonuses” to entice people in. With this promotion, customers do not even have to commit any of their real money, so they have nothing at all to lose by joining. Now they’re signed up on the site and in the door.

The “pull to refresh” theory

The trend linking social media and video slots that needs most study is possible the “pull to refresh” theory. This theory gets its name from the infinite scrolling mechanism on our social media news feeds which are designed to be similar to a slot machine.

Basically, we don’t know when we will be rewarded, and more often than not we don’t find anything interesting or gratifying, much like gambling. But that’s precisely what keeps us coming back.

“Social media sites are chock-a-block with unpredictable rewards. They are trying to grab people’s attention to make social media users create a routine and habitually check their screens. We keep going back to social media just as gamblers keep going back to slots games” – Tristan Harris, Design Ethicist for Google

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