Robokiller App for iPhone: To find the name and address of the unknown callers

We observed that majority of the users are affected by the unknown callers who calls them unnecessarily during their work time to promote their services and products. This is sometime becomes very annoying if you are busy in a meeting else you are sleeping. Either the users are interested or not, the unwanted callers call them without their permission and irritate them.

Majority of the fraud cases which happens in the banking sector happens through the medium of calling. The rising cases of fraud by these spammers have led to the raise a demand of developing some software or hardware which can prevent the users from these scams. Whenever the users block an unknown number, the scammers call the users by other number. In short, there is no solution to block these calls others than installing an app which automatically block the unknown number which are registered as spam on the servers.

So, in this perspective, one iOS application is available on the App store named as “Robokiller” which will prevent you from the poison of unknown calling. This app will also let you know about the name registered with that number and we suggest you to report the spam number wherever you encounter with it so that other users will also come to know about the number information. This application claims to be the largest address book in the world and it is exclusively available for the iPhone users. We will list some points about this iOS application which includes the features, compatibility, limitation or drawbacks and advantages over other caller identification applications. You can have a look on all the points mentioned below:

1) Features of Robokiller application for iOS:

The Robokiller application will let you know about the name of the caller, the address of the caller, profile picture of the caller and the current location of the caller as well(simpler). Overall, you will have all the information of the caller at one place. These features made this iOS application quite popular among the iOS users. Usually there are not so much variety of application on the App store which will help you to find the caller identity of the unknown callers. (simpler) That’s why Robokiller application is mostly used by iPhone users. Talking about the user-interface, the Robokiller application is just brilliant as the file space of this application after installation very less. This is the plus feature of this application because iPhone users are always running out of storage space. And just in case, if you want to search the name and address of the caller manually, then you can search the information by searching it in the blank box present on the top of the app.   

2) Compatibility of using Robokiller application:

We had already discussed about the features and plus points of the Robokiller application, now we shall discuss about the compatibility of the devices in which Robokiller application can be installed. We already mentioned that this application is supported in the iPhone or iPad or Mac OS. All you need to do is to install this application on your iPhone from the App store. You need to upgrade your iOS version to 9.0 or more than 9.1 if the updates are available. This application will only run on the iPhone which is having iOS version of 9.1 or more than it. The updates of this application are available regularly which we let you to explore more exciting features.

3) Limitations or Drawbacks of the Robokiller application:

We think that you had already made an idea in your mind about this application. If it offers some brilliant features then it has some limitation and drawbacks as well. First of all, this application requires the latest version of iOS 9.1 or later up to 12. This simply means that you must have to update your system software which may consume some extra space in your iPhone. Secondly, if you are affected with the features of this application, then you have to pay a subscription fees after the 7-Day free trial period gets over. And the third point here is that if you are an US cellular network user, then this application is of no such use to you because it is not supported by US cellular. Another point which we should add here is that some bugs may affect the functioning of other applications in your iPhone. But you don’t have to worry about this issue because updated versions will fix all the bugs with time.

4) Advantages over other caller identity applications:

There are not so many applications which are present on the App store to reveal the caller identity, therefore this application founds a large application among the iPhone users from all around the globe. Other caller identity apps are not very secure and those which are secure one is not having a proper user-interface for the users. There are so much positive reviews on the App store about this application and majority of the iOS users all around the world had installed this app to accomplish their task. You can download Robokiller App from the App store for free.


In a nutshell, Robokiller for iPhone is a need of iPhone users to protect themselves from unwanted call made by scammers. If you want to prevent yourself from these types of activities of spammers, then Robokiller for iPhone is the best application which you can install in your iPhone. There are also many other applications available on the App store and if you are using some of that in your iPhone, then please join us in the discussions below in the comments section. Your contribution will be praised by us.

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