How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone Without Backup

We all have been through a time when we accidentally delete a text message or even the entire conversation from our iPhone and felt like throwing our iPhones away. Regardless of the numerous online messaging apps making it to the app store, text messages never go out of the trend. And that is the reason why losing these messages costs people the most.

Being an iPhone user, people usually feel as if they can recover anything from the iCloud be it a text message or a picture but that is not always the case. Sometimes you end up deleting the text messages from your iPhone that have not been backed up, and that is when you realize recovering your deleted text messages is something that is very tough for cloud system as well. But if you know the right steps to follow you can recover all of your deleted text messages from iPhone without even a backup in the iCloud.

One common mistake that people usually make when they accidentally delete their text messages from the iPhone is that they assume that messages are deleted forever. However, they do not know that the messages they deleted were never discarded from the iPhone permanently, which means they can always be recovered.

Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone Without Backup

All the messages on the iPhone including the iMessages are stored in the SQLite database of the iPhone. Every time you delete a message, its status changes from ‘Allocated’ to ‘Unallocated.’ The original messages are somehow always stored in the database. But as you keep sending and receiving new text messages on your iPhone the space of the ‘Unallocated’ messages is gradually reallocated to the new messages. This reallocation then deletes the messages permanently from your iPhone’s system. Therefore, when you accidentally delete a text message or a conversation from your iPhone, you should immediately stop using your messaging app, and it is highly recommended that you put your iPhone on the airplane mode to avoid receiving any text messages.

If you look for online solutions for recovering your deleted text messages, then there is a list of software that claims to fix your problem but not every software delivers its promise. To recover most of your deleted text messages you should choose a software that recovers every single text message that you have lost.

One of the most popular and reliable recovery software of all times is dr.fone. Dr.fone recover is known for quick and full recovery features, which allows you to recover your deleted text messages in no time. With the highest recovery rate in the industry, dr.fone is loaded with some features making it the best recovery software available. It comes with a 30-day free trial, where you can make sure that it works. Along with the safe recovery, where the existing data is not overwritten, dr.fone also has a preview feature, which allows you verify the data before recovering it.

Dr.fone lets you retrieve deleted photos from iPhone. There are three ways of recovering your deleted text messages. They can be recovered from the iPhone or by the iTunes or even from the iCloud.  For data recovery directly from your iPhone, all you have to do is install dr.fone software and run it after you have connected your device to the computer. Once the program is synced with your device, you can select the data type you want to recover. After that click on the “Start Scan” button to start the recovery of your lost data.

If the deleted text messages are still not recovered, you can choose the next solution, where you recover the lost data from the iTunes backup. Just follow the same procedure but this time choose the option that says ‘Recover from iTunes Backup File.’ dr.fone will scan all the files in the iTunes, and you will find your messages in no time.

dr.fone comes with a range of recovery options. Therefore, you can also recover your deleted text messages by opting the option where data is recovered from iCloud backup. You can follow the above-mentioned procedure and this time click on the option that says ‘Recover from the iCloud Backup file.’ After entering your iCloud details, the software will do all the work for you, and you will recover all your deleted text messages.

Unlike other recovery programs that offer very limited recovery options, dr.fone allows you to retrieve deleted photos from iPhone and let you recover a range of data from deleted photos to forgotten screen locks; everything can be recovered in no time.

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