How to Read Someone’s text Messages Without Installing Software on their Phone

If you say that you have never really wanted to spy on someone else’s text messages, you are probably lying. Sometimes you feel like someone’s lying to you and what is the best way to know the truth in the 21st century? Yes, you’re right-it’s text messages. Or sometimes you just want to know where your child or husband or wife is but you feel like they are lying so now you can just see the truth instantly without them even noticing. This technology has given you the power to see if you are being cheated on rather than in old times when only the person himself could tell you the truth and that rarely happened.

Technology has given us many powers, if there are ways to hide, then there are also ways to spy on others. Many apps have been developed for this purpose which allows you to spy on other people’s phones without giving them a clue. Now just by installing an app on your phone, you can track a cell phone’s location without installing software in the target phone.

Why do we need to spy?

Different people have several reasons to spy on others phones. Mom may want to know what her teenage kid is up to and just where he is maybe just to know that he is safe. Or a wife may want to know what her husband is involved in. Well nobody wants to get cheated on, do they? A husband may wish the same. However, these apps not only help in spying they can also be very helpful in case of an emergency, so this development has both the aspects to it.

How do these apps work?

These apps have been specially designed in a way that only the person wishing to spy on someone else needs to install them in their device, there is no need to install the app in the target’s phone because what use it would have been if you had to install it in the target phone too. You just need to install the app you have chosen on your phone and then follow the steps the app describes. After you have done that now you can have full access to the target phone, their messages, calls, WhatsApp, GPS location, contact list, call duration, call history, social media websites and any other service that your app is providing.

After installing the app on your phone, you need to pair it with the target phone, and for this, you just need to make a call to the target phone. An anonymous number will be displayed on the target phone. Your phone will be paired with the target phone even if the call is not answered. So that’s it you are good to go.


Most of the apps are compatible with almost all the devices including Android phones, iPhone, blackberry, and windows. The best spying apps working on iPhone include MSPY, SpyVid, Flexispy, etc. For iPhone, some apps require them to be jailbroken while others can work without jailbreaking the iPhone. On the other hand, the best spy app for android includes MobiStealth, TheTruthSpy, etc.


Different spy apps provide various services and features. Some enable you to get access on call logging and text messages while others along with them also offer access to social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and some more advanced features like call history, video calls, call duration, GPS, WhatsApp interception and many more. You can choose the app suiting the best for your requirements and needs.

So now your life seems a bit easier, doesn’t it!

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