Online shopping portals going mobile based app-only platform – Good Move?

In this era where so many basic necessities are linked to web, a lot of them has gone mobile too. Yes, mobile based apps have become the necessity today for any business to strive, you have a website in desktop mode well then you must have a mobile app for it.

Recently news came that India’s online shopping portal Myntra will become app-only platform in near future, it gathered a bit of criticism and a bit of appraisal too from many tech and business analysts; especially end users are now discussing it (I have seen my friends and colleagues discussing it and debating on it).

Myntra mobile based app-only platform

I, myself is a regular user of Myntra and Myntra going mobile based app-only platform news baffled me first when I heard the news but later analyzing the situation, I arrived at some good points to support this move. Being a blogger, I always carry my mobile and laptop with me whenever I go out but the laptop can’t be taken everywhere and all time so what comes handy in this situation is a “mobile phone“. Take a situation you are outside traveling in a bus or taxi and you want to order something online at the very moment, what is the first gadget you can access to do so, certainly a mobile and not a desktop/laptop (unless you are carrying it). So better accessibility of mobile phones in various situations and at almost every place is an advantage.

Users are now using mobile more as compared to PC/dekstop/laptop and websites/online shopping portals are getting plenty of traffic from mobile now. Though a website must have a desktop mode so that user’s can access it if something goes wrong with mobile app but to maintain a website’s desktop mode, it takes a huge investment to maintain servers, human resource etc.

Best thing about mobile apps, you can remain connected online whole day; getting push notifications about the offers and schemes running which one may not be able to receive in the dekstop mode (unless specifically subscribed to newsletter). Connected to internet all time means you can shop at any instant at any time and at any location (take a location like bathroom, you can shop from there too on a mobile app but taking a laptop in bathroom would seem a lot odd). As people carry their mobile with them everywhere so shopping for them becomes easier and faster as they prefer to open the mobile-based app of the website and just purchase the item on a click.

Web developers have to work a lot to maintain the UI of the desktop mode of a website, on the other hand, mobile app UI is much simpler. Paying for any product bought through a mobile app becomes easy and that too faster. As the UI of mobile app is simpler so it loads fast as compared to the desktop mode of a website so it saves both time and connected data too.

Saw a deal? Want to Share it? Just share it with all your friends on the social network by a simple tap only. Sharing is caring and sharing becomes so easy from a mobile app as compared to the desktop mode of a website.

Sharing Options on Myntra Mobile App

Most of the sales are now coming from mobile app and the same is the scenario for the Myntra too (90% of their traffic is through mobile and 80% sales comes through mobile app), so from where the question of ditching desktop mode of website in a bad faith comes? It’s a good move as it will make shopping simpler and faster, overall accessible everywhere. It is also to be kept in mind that a company will lose some of its potential customers who normally preferred to shop via desktop mode but to bring a mobile revolution one has to take some step.

Let’s see how to suit up in a few minutes from Myntra Mobile app as compared to desktop mode (after hearing Suit Up! what is the first thing came to your mind, do let us know; for us it was HIMYM).

Myntra Mobile App

We are looking for a men’s suit (to dress you up like Barney Stinson from HIMYM). If you know what do you want to wear, just use search filters on Myntra mobile app and customize your look.

Refine your Search in Myntra Mobile App

Search Filters in Myntra Mobile App

Here is the outcome of above search filter, just in a few seconds 🙂

BlackBerrys Suit Search - Myntra App

Confused about what to wear, just go to men’s section and look for your need.

How to perform search in Myntra app

Choose your item from Myntra app

Finally, we suited you up in a few minutes only (just confirm your payment and you are done).

Payment Options on Myntra Mobile App

Shopping is so easy and fast from the mobile app as compared to desktop mode. If you already know what you have to buy then it is a matter of seconds otherwise just type the keywords in search bar, rest magic will be done by the app.

Moreover, I love to shop on a mobile app as it is simpler, faster and easier to do 🙂

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  1. Nishu April 21, 2015 at 12:55 am - Reply

    It is also in news that Flipkart, parent company is to follow what Myntra did. Am I right ?

    • Anurag Kumar April 21, 2015 at 12:57 am - Reply

      yes Myntra and Flipkart both will go mobile, though Myntra will do so from 1 May while Flipkart may take 1 more year.

  2. Kirti April 21, 2015 at 12:56 am - Reply

    Do you think they should place ads on mobile app to generate more revenue via platforms like Google AdSense ?

    • Anurag Kumar April 21, 2015 at 12:57 am - Reply

      I guess it would be annoying if we see from user end.

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