How To Do Keyword Research For SEO

Keyword research simply refers to a process of identifying the phrases that are used on search engines when people look for information. It involves finding of search volume and the relative competitiveness of terms. This search has remained a critical component in SEO simply because when used in a correct manner it provides the roadmap design as well as the execution of website building and content development.

Keywords are broken up and grouped basing on the number of words in a query phrase. If the words are more in a key phrase, then it will be easy to rank the terms as there will be less competition.

School of thought

SEO normally focuses on 2 key areas:

  • Optimizing for traffics
  • Optimizing for conversion

Most SEO contents tend to optimize for traffic, not conversion. It is not a bad idea when one optimize forhow-to-performa-keyword-research-sep traffic; it depends on goals. If you are in online business, then it is good to make sure that you rank well for terms which are likely to lead sales. Do not optimize for conversion just to gain visitors.

Optimizing for traffic is good if you are in a publishing business. This is to say; optimization strategy should be dictated by the goals of the campaign.

The Value

With the above school of thought, the value is based on the following:

  • Monthly search volume which is about level of competition
  • Revenue conversion rate

The easiest way for you to get high monthly search volume is through the use of Google Keyword Planner. It heavily focuses on Adwords and provides data at every starting point of your research. You should stay focused of toggles between keywords and Ads Group. For example; after you enter the seed keyword(s), you will require switching default from the ad group ideas to keyword ideas.

You must take into consideration the authorities of websites which are ranking high for the keywords then get a sense of competitiveness of the organic SERP

Making Sense of Data

For content heavy website and write my essay now, it is good to use the macro approach in keyword search. Here, you should optimize for traffic. But there is no ideal while doing an intent-focused research as the case would be when it comes to E-commerce or other scenarios where keyword carries more qualification.

Time to Do the Research

Without the right tools, you will not be in a position of building the right house. Search engines are not a different case. The good news is that there is a long slew of tools that can assist you in research. 

Favorite tools: To get search volume, it is good to use Google keyword search tool.

Ensure you are setting matching criteria so as to get a realistic sense of the average monthly search volume.

Do not Forget to Check Plurals

One of a common mistake that we usually make while doing research is forgetting to run numbers of singular and plural versions of the terms we are searching. One is significantly high, more often, plural version indicates commercial intent.

Expand Your List

There is a greater need for you to take the top level keyword target and throw it to suggestion tool. Use tools such as Ubersuggest; keyword scrappers that go out to do tedious work of running key phrase with alphabetical letters and the number combinations (0 to 9) This helps in capturing the most searched permutations.

Validate Big Opportunities

After getting a full list that goes in Excel; it is important to gain some visibility into some big opportunities (Golden tickets). Top Run your top queries through the Google trends so as to get sense of seasonal volatility

Creating an Evaluation Model

It’s hard to assess and evaluate keyword for the relative opportunity. To focus where there are ranks only, it is good to use the evaluation model so to avoid problems. There are a good number of methodologies which range from complex formulas to some simplified models which have been designed to give users sense of opportunity.

Research for Page Titles

To do this is the best way; it is good if you optimize page titles for search. Ensure you find a balance between intent and volume.


Lastly, we talk about how to close the loop part of successful research. This is by setting aside time every month so as to analyze what works effectively. With this, you will be able to adjust the content and link strategies in the most efficient manner.