Japan’s fascination with online games

There’s no secret that Japanese people love video games, with some of the world’s favorite titles such as Pacman, Space Invaders and Zelda created in the nation. Ask somebody what are the best games for Japanese players and it would be tough to make a decision, with such a broad range of video online games enjoyed in the nation.

In this article, we will take a look at Japan’s fascination with online games, from the popularity of video games in the country to the most popular games or all to the wide range of titles on offer.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at Japan’s fascination with online games…

The popularity of games in Japan

After WWII, Japan faced a tough transition as the regulations and restrictions placed on the nation’s industry forced a move to electronics. Since then the nation has been able to become one of the globe’s leading lights in the field of technology, electronics and, of course, video games.

The eighties were the breakthrough generation in gaming, with Japan responsible for the creation of Nintendo as well as the super-popular Atari system.

Although the biggest games of the last decade have undoubtedly come from western gaming developers, Japan once ruled the roost with Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and much more. Indeed, those who love gaming in the nation will be hoping that Japan can once more rise to the top of the global industry.

The games most played

Without a doubt, the most popular online game being played in Japan today is Overwatch. This team-based first-person shooter is a multiplayer game that has been dominating the online game market in Japan since its release just five years ago!

Outside of this, the three most popular online games in Japan right now are, perhaps predictably, CrossFire, Dungeon Fighter, and PUBG. Clearly, there is still a serious demand for first-person shooter games in Japan, whilst there is still a love for classics such as FIFA, Zelda and even Tetris!

Diversity of games played

As it’s clear to see from the above, first-person shooters are still ruling the roost in Japan thanks to their unbeatable sense of immersion, excitement, and satisfaction!

With that said, Japan’s fascination with online games goes much further than this, with sports games, strategy games and more finding a huge audience all over Japan. There is also an increasing propensity in Japan toward enjoying slot games at online casinos, as well as card games such as poker, blackjack and more!

Overall, Japan’s fascination with online games is one of the most tightknit relationships of any in technology the world over. From early obsessions with Space Invaders and Pacman to modern-day stadiums filled with spectators for a gaming event, Japan has long gone hand in hand with gaming.

Whether or not Japan continues to embrace online gaming across the board will be an interesting development, particularly with regard to the nation’s relationship with online slot games and card games such as poker.

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