How to Look For Best Online File Converter Tools To Convert Files Freely?

No matter if you are a college student or an office going individual, there comes the point when you always need the help of online file converters for your presentations and assignments. By searching around, different types of online file converter tools are present, and every single tool is different from one another in terms of file conversion process and features. Some of the online converter tools are free of cost in their conversion process, and few of them are paid versions.

To help you a bit, right here we have compiled a list of fastest and best file converter online platforms for your file conversion convenience:

  1. Go4Convert

Go4Convert is an online application for students who are always in a hurry to convert their files without any hassle. Through this online application, you will be able to convert all your folders and files in the format of PDF.

You will be finding this application quite a lot supportive for the PDFs, different documents as well as texts. This application is best for all those people who are always on their mobile for handling their work tasks. This app can also work on tablets. It often provides you an opportunity in which you can merge as well as split your converted folders/files. The only drawback of this app is that it does not support any image.

  1. Online Convert Free

Let’s talk about the Online Convert Free platform! This file converter tool is quite a lot popular among students and has made a big name due to its fast processing system over file conversion. By using this tool, you can easily convert all your videos, documents, pictures, or the audio formats into the required set of the file format.

The best thing about this tool is that it will let you convert all your files into the formats of 100 placements. There is no such need to create an account for starting the process of conversion. It is free to use. You will be finding this tool a lot quick and fast in its working process in which it can easily convert the files in a couple of minutes. Its friendly interface and easy to follow features will make your process even extra easy.

  1. PDF Converter

On the last, we have PDF Converter free tool! This free converter tool has been settled with some amazing and advanced features of conversion. But if you want to take benefit of its advanced features, then you need to pay a small amount. It can just convert your files in a limited frame and that too in delayed time. It might take a long duration of minutes to finish your conversion processing. It has a friendly interface. It offers you with some easy to follow features. If you can easily pay $9 every month, then using this tool is the best option for you. Its major drawback is just its paying amount, which is quite disappointing for the users who cannot afford it.

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