How Technology is improving the Quality of Marijuana

What exactly we mean by Marijuana? We can call it as one type of weed, pot, herb, grass, bud, Mary Jane, ganja, and may use a huge number of slang terms to describe it. It is basically a mixture of greenish-gray dried flowers made of Cannabis sativa. Marijuana is known to be one of the highly abused drugs in the world. Marijuana is known to be an Indian origin hemp plant, and the specific part which is containing the actual “drug” is found mostly in the plant buds and even in a lower amount in seeds, leaves, as well as stems of this specific plant.

In Canada as well as in many countries, producers of legal cannabis need to face several challenges: strict government regulations, high-end security and also insufficient source of reliable information about the methods to grow such crops. Earlier it was completely illegal to grow cannabis and that causes a serious restriction in using scientific research on finding how well this crop can be developed. But now things have changed and the cannabis industry is growing at a rapid speed and if things go in the right manner then by the year 2021 the industry will touch $31.4 billion.

One of the key elements which are giving a strong push to this industry to move upward is marijuana technology.  It is supporting the industry to produce quality crops, with the assurance of the highest standards of safety. It is also helping to connect consumers with the cannabis businesses, and also offering a wide variety of fresh options for the consumption. The industry of cannabis technology is an undoubted and fast-paced one which is ever-changing. It managed to make a lasting impact on some specific sectors of the developing market.

  • Cultivation Technology: Just like other fields of this agriculture industry, the concept of cannabis cultivation enjoyed huge benefits due to this evolution of marijuana technology in the last couple of years. The Marijuana cultivators are working really hard to find new ways for growing these robust crops in minimum space and with minimum effort
  • Laboratory Technology: One more developing segment which is making the application of marijuana technology is the laboratory equipment as well as the methodologies which are offering products that were not available commercially earlier.It also gives insight about what is there inside the cannabis flower which is sold at the dispensaries and also at the black market.
  • Online Technology for Cannabis: The world of the internet is creating mammoth change across the globe, but there is one particular tool which is very powerful in the industry of marijuana tech. Apart from allowing the consumers of marijuana to share valuable tips, insights as well as reviews about the world of cannabis; it is also providing a solid platform for the businesses for reaching out to these customers. Some of the commonest ways which internet is using to facilitate the cannabis technology are:
  1. E-commerce platform: After marijuana legalization, there is a vast demand for it in the online market. To cope up with this demand some of the popular sites like Eaze is creating a bridge between the participating dispensaries and the final consumers. This helped consumers to place an order online and get delivery at doorsteps.
  2. Cannabis Apps: Smartphone apps are now also available to give scope to consumers to get quick access to Cannabis dispensaries and doctors who are Cannabis- friendly.
  3. Social media platforms: social media platforms changed the world of sharing completely. One can now get information about cannabis, consumption limit and extraction tips as well as methods of use of marijuana through these platforms.

So the above discussion gives a quick sneak peek about how Technology is improving the Quality of Marijuana and its uses.

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